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Security and Dudley Telecare

The Dudley Telecare/intercom system allows you to contact our staff if you need help or assistance and it is therefore a vital lifeline in all sorts of situations. The intercom also allows staff to call through to each tenant to check that they are all right and not in need of assistance.

Our staff cannot hear anything until the intercom is activated by pulling the cord or until we call you. All tenants are shown how the system works and our staff are always happy to explain the system again if anyone has any doubts about how it works.

When the scheme staff are not on duty, the system is linked to Dudley Telecare to ensure that someone is always on hand to help 24 hours a day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.

Telecare operators have details of individual tenants and this information is the same that is kept by scheme staff and is strictly confidential.

In the event of an emergency Telecare operators will immediately notify next of kin or emergency services, depending upon the nature of the situation.

It is important to remember that Telecare operators can only hear you when you pull the cord, so that at all other times privacy is maintained.

People who are prone to falls, or those who cannot get to the pull cords because of frailty may be able to have other more suitable equipment such as a pendant alarm which can be worn around the neck, wrist or even kept in a pocket. Individual needs can be assessed at any time.

Access and security

Sheltered Housing schemes have extra security provided by a fob controlled door entry system, linked to the Telecare alarm system. Only tenants and designated people (such as Council employees) are given a fob.

When visitors come to the scheme’s front door they should call the tenant they are visiting and the tenant can then remotely open the front door from their home. If the visitor calls our on-site staff they will be asked to identify themselves, and individual tenants may be called via the intercom for permission before we let the visitor in.

We will never enter your home without express permission or in the case of an emergency.

When entering or leaving the scheme, tenants and their visitors should be careful not to let anyone in unless they are known.

Bogus caller hotline

Tenants should notify us if they believe that Bogus Callers are operating in their area or if they think unscrupulous thieves have targeted them.

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