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Dudley educational and child psychology service

Our educational and child psychology service aims to optimise learning, development and emotional well-being of children and young people in the borough.

What is an educational psychologist?

An educational psychologist is a psychology graduate who has undertaken additional professional training to qualify as an educational psychologist.


  • have previous experience of working with children, for example as teachers
  • are trained to understand how children and young people learn and develop
  • have knowledge of a range of psychological approaches and research methodology
  • work to prevent or overcome barriers to learning and healthy social and emotional development for children and young people
  • abide by the Health Professions Council standards for practitioner psychologists

What do they do?

  • Use their knowledge of effective psychological approaches to help with specific issues
  • Work with children and young people aged between birth and 19 years and the adults who provide education and care for them
  • Require informed consent from the parents or carers of any child or young person who we are asked to discuss or be involved with
  • Carry out work in mainstream schools, children’s centres, specialist educational provision, community centres or with families at home
  • Provide consultation, assessment and advice on interventions for individuals or groups of children and young people
  • Consult with parents, carers, staff in schools and a range of other support agencies to build our understanding of a situation or need and formulate our advice
  • Provide feedback in an appropriate format on our work
  • Run short interventions or projects
  • Provide detailed psychological advice when an assessment of special educational needs is being considered by Dudley Council
  • Deliver training and provide other professional support for those involved in educating and caring for children and young people
  • Are often called upon by Dudley Council to advise or join working/consultation groups on issues concerned with organisation and policy planning
  • Draw on our research background to plan and carry out research activities