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It is at the discretion of the head teacher and governors of the school which the child attends as to whether leave during term time is authorised. However requests for leave can only be granted in exceptional circumstances.

Carers, parents and social workers should be aware that:

  • Pupils who miss 2 weeks of school in a year miss 5% of their education.

  • There is a strong connection between attendance and achievement at school. Absence is proven to have a significant negative impact upon a child’s educational attainment

  • Absence during term time means that pupils miss out on vital parts of their education and other social and sporting activities.

  • Many looked after children may have already missed significant 'chunks' of education.

  • It can be extremely hard for a pupil to catch up on missed work.

If you still feel the circumstances are exceptional, then, after obtaining social worker and (if appropriate) parental permission, you can apply directly to the school.

If permission is granted by school, then you must also let LACES know. This will enable Dudley LEA to monitor requests for leave in term time and ensure that looked after children do not miss vital parts of their education.

The full procedure for taking leave in term time can be viewed by selecting the link below or online in the DMBC Children & Families Procedures Manual (Section 4.5).

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