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Information on moving schools during the school year.

The council's Admissions Service is responsible for coordinating all applications for school places in Dudley.

However, this does not apply if your child has an Education, Health & Care Plan (EHCP). You will need to contact the Special Educational Needs Team.

Not a Dudley School?

If you wish to apply for your child to transfer to a School outside the Dudley Local Authority, you will need to contact that authority direct.

New to the country

If you have recently arrived in the UK, and require a school within Dudley, you will need to visit Dudley Council Plus together with your children and all the passports.

Dudley Council Plus

You can also contact Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345 and give them all the details of the children.  An application will then be issued.

Moving house

If you wish to apply for your child to transfer to a Dudley School, following a house move, please contact the Admissions service on 0300 555 2345. They will then send out the relevant transfer form.

Issues with the current school

If you are requesting a change of school that is not as a result of a house move, before making a definite decision to transfer to another school, you should think very carefully and talk through the issue with your child’s present school. Consider the following:

  • Pastoral Care – the child will need to build new friendships and get used to a new teacher.
  • Curriculum – although there is a National Curriculum, each school will deliver a part of this curriculum at different stages and times during the school year.
  • Years 10 & 11 – you should be aware that moving a child in these particular year groups may not always be in the best interest of the child. Not all schools offer the same subjects at examination level and may use different exam boards and offer different syllabuses.
  • Transport – Dudley Council may not provide a travel pass for your child if you live outside the travel limits of the new school. Click here to review Transport Criteria
  • Costs – All Dudley schools have a school uniform which all pupils will be expected to wear.

You are encouraged to consider the above points, decide whether a transfer is really the best option and discuss your concerns with staff at the child’s current school. A change in school does not always lead to improvements in a pupil’s behaviour. Moving your child to another school is a very serious step, it will not always solve the problem and can sometimes be more detrimental than helpful.

If you still feel that a school transfer is required you will need to contact Dudley Council Plus (0300 555 2345) and request a school admissions in-year transfer form. You should discuss your wishes with the headteacher or a senior member of staff at the current school.

Fair Access Protocol

All Local Authorities must have in place a Fair Access Protocol (FAP). Some applications may need to be considered under Dudley Local Authorities in year FAP. This applies to certain children when it has not been possible to secure a place through the normal in year admissions process.

Fair Access Protocol