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Dudley Council undertake on-street parking enforcement of Traffic Regulation Orders. The police continue to enforce obstructive parking and moving traffic offences.

Through civil parking enforcement, the council aims to tackle the congestion caused by illegal and inconsiderate parking which causes problems in our towns, whether you’re driving, cycling, on public transport or on foot.

We want to encourage sensible and safe parking across the borough. This will make our towns safer for drivers and pedestrians and keep traffic flowing, making them more attractive to businesses and visitors. This will also improve access for public transport, cyclists and emergency services, reduce pollution and improve air quality.

For further information please download a copy of the Be a Smart Parker leaflet below.

What does Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE) mean?

Dudley Council has responsibility for on-street parking enforcement. Parking offences are no longer criminal offences, handled by the criminal courts, but now through civil contraventions.

How is enforcement done?

Dudley Council’s civil enforcement officers (CEOs) patrol all the borough’s streets and council-owned car parks where parking restrictions or Traffic Regulation Orders (TRO) are in place.

CCTV Vehicle enforcement

We use a camera-equipped car in order to address parking around schools and bus stops where motorists are putting the safety of others at risk and causing unnecessary congestion.

What will I be fined if I park incorrectly?

In the strictest terms you will not be “fined” at all. Under the new system all offences will be civil ones and a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) will be issued. These replace the current Fixed Penalty Notice and Excess Charge Notice.

Report a Parking Problem

If you would like to report a problem with parking then please use our General Contact Form . Please ensure that you include:

  • Details of the problem

  • location of the problem

  • your contact details so that we can get back to you.

On street parking - know your restrictions

The best way to avoid a Penalty Charge Notice (parking ticket) being attached to your windscreen is to know your restrictions and where you can and cannot park. Parking restrictions require a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) and are installed to improve road safety and reduce congestion. View the Traffic Regulation Orders Online, including links to car park tariffs and limited waiting restriction times.

How much will a Penalty Charge Notice cost?

The Penalty Charge Notice will be either £50 or £70 depending upon the type of contravention, as defined in the Traffic Management Act 2004, to be paid within 28 days. However, if it is paid within 14 days it is reduced by 50% to £25 or £35.

How and where can I pay my penalty charge notice?

Details are provided on the back of the notice. In addition further information including online payment facility is available on our Paying your Parking Fine webpage.

What can I do if I don’t agree that a PCN should have been issued?

You can ‘challenge’ the issue of the PCN by contacting the Council’s Parking Management Team in writing. Information on how to do this is on the back of the notice.

Please see Parking Fines Appeals for further information.