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Advisory disabled parking places help those who have a disability.

Advisory disabled parking places help residents who have a valid blue badge and who would otherwise find it hard to use a vehicle either owned or available to them through a mobility scheme.

To apply, please phone Dudley Council Plus:

Lines are open from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

What you need to know:

An approved parking place will be marked out on the road outside the applicant’s property. Where a property does not have direct access to the road, consideration will be given to a bay within 50m of the property. This is subject to an appropriate location being identified and a community consultation.

If a parking place is proposed in an area which may cause a danger or obstruction to others, we may need to undertake a community consultation before agreeing to the installation.

These parking places are provided to assist a blue badge holder where a vehicle is kept on street and registered at their property for their sole use and on street parking within 50m is regularly difficult to find.

It is not intended for a bay to be a reserved parking space for friends, relatives or visiting health care professionals. There will always be competition for convenient on street parking especially in locations where demand for on street parking is greater. Parking on the road is always on a first come basis and we have no right to park outside our own homes.

Advisory disabled parking places can only be provided if:

  • You are a blue badge holder, resident at the address, or represent a blue badge holder resident at the address of the requested disabled parking place.

  • The blue badge holder has access to a vehicle registered, insured and kept at the applicant’s address shown on V5C vehicle registration, or can provide written evidence from the owner of the vehicle that it will remain at the address.

  • The address of the blue badge holder is on a road maintained as a public highway.

  • The address of the blue badge holder does not have off street parking and/or a garage unless the disabled person or vehicle have specific requirements that prohibit the use of the off-street parking and/or garage.

  • Parking within 50m of the address of the Blue Badge Holder is difficult to find on a regular basis

Advisory disabled parking places cannot be provided:

  • On a red route
  • On a private street or area that does not form part of the public highway.
  • Where there is a parking, waiting or loading restrictions are indicated by road markings
  • On trunk or classified roads
  • Near pedestrian crossings
  • On or straddling a pedestrian footway.
  • Where there is a bus stop marking
  • Where there is 'school keep clear' markings
  • Where there is a bus lane, tram or cycle lanes and tracks
  • Where it would block access for vehicles especially emergency services.
  • Where there is a solid white line in the centre of the road
  • Where there is metered parking, on street parking charges, a residents parking scheme or a controlled parking zone
  • Within the breaking distance of a road hazard
  • Opposite a road junction
  • Within 10 meters of a road junction
  • Where it would make the road to narrow for passing vehicles
  • Where the width of the road is less than 5.5m.
  • Where a kerb has been lowered to assist the crossing of the road
  • Where the standard length of a parking bay 6.6m would overhang the frontage of an adjacent property.
  • Where the length of the requested disabled parking place will exceed 8% of the length of parking available.


Advisory disabled parking spaces are normally 6.6m (21ft 7inches) in length and the width is 2.7m (8ft 11inches). However, this may have to be altered to suit the applicants needs and the location.

Application process

 To apply, please phone Dudley Council Plus:

Lines are open from 8.30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Refusal of an application

Should we refuse the application a written statement will be provided. The reason will most likely be one of those stated above.

In some cases the reason will be that in our opinion the proposed location is likely to cause a significant issue for other residents or road users, or a suitable location cannot be found within 50m of the applicant’s property.


The applicant or their representative may appeal a decision by emailing us