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We do not have control over the operation of private car parks. It is the responsibility of the operator to ensure they comply with requirement such as Health and Safety, as well as for setting their own prices.

Health & Safety enforcement

The Health and Safety Executive are responsible for private car parks. These are car parks where we are not the enforcement authority for the premises.

If a private car park is attached to a retail outlet, then we will deal with it as a Health and Safety issue within the retail business.

Wheel clamping on private land

Wheel clamping on private car parks is now illegal. Parking Charge Notices are issued instead.

Owners of private land, whether it is a private car park belonging to a store, or any piece of private land, can employ private companies to issue Parking Charge Notices to vehicle, as long as they have displayed a sign advising that they do operate enforcement.
The onus is on the driver of a vehicle to check the restrictions of where they are parked and adhere to those restrictions.