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Telecoms company BRSK are currently working in the area to provide a full-fibre broadband network

They are using Openreach ducts and equipment where available. There are however areas where this is not possible. Where this is the case they will need to install their own cabinets and poles to accommodate the full-fibre upgrade. Read here for more information.

Frequently asked questions

Can Dudley Council refuse permission for the poles to be installed?

BRSK have been granted a licence to undertake works on the highway by the Department for Transport (DfT), which legally defines them as a Statutory Undertaker, giving them permission to undertake street works to “install, replace, maintain, and renew” apparatus in the highway.

While they do have to comply with the regulations under the New Roads and Street Works Act 1991 and the Traffic Management Act 2004, Dudley Council cannot unreasonably withhold permission to undertake their works -  to do so would be an illegal act by the council.

Can the poles be installed without planning permission?

The installation of telegraph poles is generally exempt from planning permission (through the General Permitted Development Order 2015). As planning permission is not required, no planning enforcement can be undertaken. The location of poles can only be objected to by the Highway Authority in relation to highway safety issues, however, none so far have required such action.

Are there byelaws which would prevent the installation of telegraph poles?

No such byelaws exist to prevent the installation of this equipment. Whilst BT / Openreach may not have chosen to install this equipment when they created their network, this does not prevent another provider from installing equipment at a later point.

Can poles be installed in grass land next to the highway (not specified on the permit), which is not maintained at public expense?

In these cases, we will contact BRSK and state that they need to gain permission from the relevant land owner.

Can they be installed outside my property?

As long as poles do not compromise highway safety or prevent a resident from being able to access or egress their property, the council cannot legally refuse permission for their installation.

Who do I contact to discuss issues about a pole being installed?

Complaints to Dudley Council cannot be actioned due to the reasons outlined above. Residents should contact the company directly to discuss any issues or log a formal complaint with them.