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Classified Roads Network

The Trunk Road Network is the Motorways and other principal roads with the main purpose of providing long distance routes between the main urban, Industrial, seaports, airports, tourist regions and other major generators of long distance traffic.

The Highways Agency manages the Trunk Road Network on behalf of the Department of Environment, Transport and Regions.

The Classified Road Network is made up of the following categorisation of roads:

  • Motorways (Maintained by Highways England)

  • Trunk Roads (Maintained by Highways England)

  • Principal Roads (Maintained by the Local Authority)

  • Classified Roads - Numbered (Maintained by the Local Authority)

  • Classified Roads - unnumbered (Maintained by the Local Authority)

  • Unclassified Roads

Classified Roads in Dudley

The classified roads listing below is issued as a guide to the classified route network within the borough of Dudley. Please note that the Council accepts no responsibility for any inaccuracies for the information provided.

If your road is on the list as ‘Part of street is classified’, then planning permission is likely to be required.