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Permit scheme review

In line with permit scheme regulations a review of the operations principles and practices of the permit scheme has been undertaken for the first three years of operation. Details can be viewed below:

Permit scheme consultation

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council has undertaken a consultation in relation to the implementation of a Permit scheme to manage street and roadworks on our highway network.

We manage 1020 kilometres of highway across the borough, our road network is fundamental to the borough’s economy, enabling businesses to deliver goods and services. It also helps people access services such as health and education as well as employment and leisure activities and keeps communities connected.

Roadworks including work by utility companies, developers and maintenance work by the authority, can cause significant disruption.

Under the permit scheme, works promotors will have to book time on the highway network by applying for a permit prior to carrying out any works. Similar schemes have already been implemented by other local authorities. A permit scheme will allow us to effectively manage and coordinate essential roadworks.

It aims to:

  • Increase the efficient running of the highway network by minimising the disruption and inconvenience caused by roadworks and other highway events and activities through proactive management of activities on the highway
  • Protect the structure of the street and the apparatus belonging to utility companies and others within it
  • Ensure safety of those using the street and those working on activities that fall within the scheme
  • Ensure we can provide better information for road users about work on the highway

Government statutory guidance for permit schemes 

The consultation closed on Sunday 3rd June 2018, and was implemented in October 2018.

All e-mail correspondence should be issued to

Applications for temporary traffic management systems including temporary signals, stop/go and lane closures must be issued to whilst applications for temporary road closures and temporary one way systems need to be issued to