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Travel plans are about encouraging more sustainable transport modes, as well as considering if there is a real need for some journeys. They are not solely for Local Authorities, but are designed for business and other organisations.

We use Company Travelwise to help promote the travel awareness message throughout the wider community. Travel Plans are an important tool in meeting our sustainable transport policies. They help in promoting the aims of Dudley's Community Plan, the Unitary Development Plan, and the Local Transport Plan.
Travelwise is a travel awareness campaign which was launched by Hertfordshire County Council in December 1993. It was originally just a publicity campaign. It aimed at "generating acceptability for the need to change" in response to the problems that have been generated by the increase in traffic in recent years.
It recognises that we must act now if we are not to end with many roads gridlocked for the greater part of every working day.
The Travelwise campaign has continued to evolve over the years to encompass a number of different themes. Travelwise is being adopted throughout the West Midlands by all local authorities.

What can I do?

Motorised road traffic is one of the greatest man-made contributors to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. There is increasing evidence that a rise in levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide may be affecting the climateAround the country the pollution emitted by road traffic makes life difficult for millions of asthma sufferers and others with respiratory illnesses.
So think about your journey before you leap into the car. Public transport may not be perfect, but Government and transport providers are aware of this are working hard to improve matters.
Government priority for funding now rests on schemes which integrate and improve transport systems
Slowly but surely there is going to be less space for cars. Public transport may even become faster than the car as more and more investment is made in new bus and public transport infrastructure
We recognise that public transport will never be the answer for every journey. But better choice of travel, such as walking and cycling for local journeys, could make the essential journeys you need to make by car quicker and more pleasant.
If we do nothing gridlock, air pollution and possible climate changes may be the legacy we leave for the next generation. Current forecasts predict that traffic will increase by a third over the next 20 years if we do nothing. Everyone and every little helps, see what you can do as in the end we will all benefit.

Travel plans