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Travel plans are about encouraging more sustainable transport modes, as well as considering if there is a real need for some journeys. They are not solely for Local Authorities, but are designed for business and other organisations.

We are using Company Travelwise to help promote the travel awareness message throughout the wider community.  Travel Plans are an important mechanism in meeting our sustainable transport policies and promoting the aims of Dudley's Community Plan, the Unitary Development Plan, and the Local Transport Plan.

Travelwise is a travel awareness campaign which was launched by Hertfordshire County Council in December 1993. It was originally just a publicity campaign aimed at "generating acceptability for the need to change" in response to the problems that have been generated by the increase in traffic in recent years. It recognises that we must act now if we are not to end with many roads gridlocked for the greater part of every working day. It is not designed or meant to be an anti-car campaign, in fact, it is the pro-car in that it encourages the most appropriate mode of travel so that when necessary travel by car can be easier and less polluting. The Travelwise campaign has continued to evolve over the years to encompass a number of different themes. Company Travelwise is one which is being adopted throughout the West Midlands by all local authorities.

For advice on Travelling to and in Dudley check out the following link Travel Dudley

What can I do?

Motorised road traffic is one of the greatest man-made contributors to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and there is increasing evidence that a rise in levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide may be affecting the climate. Around the country the pollution emitted by road traffic makes life difficult for millions of asthma sufferers and others with respiratory illnesses.

So think about your journey before you leap into the car. Public transport may not be perfect , but the Government and transport providers are aware of this are working hard to improve matters. Government priority for funding now rests on schemes which integrate and improve transport systems. Slowly but surely, there is going to be less space for cars, public transport may even become faster than the car, as more and more investment is made in new bus and public transport infrastructure. Public transport will never be the answer for every journey, the car will still be needed, but more intelligent choice of travel mode, such as, walking and cycling for local journeys which will also benefit your health, could make the essential journeys you need to make by car quicker and more pleasant.

If we do nothing gridlock, air pollution and possible climate changes may be the legacy we leave for the next generation. Current forecasts predict that traffic will increase by a third over the next 20 years, if we do nothing. Everyone and every little helps, see what you can do, in the end we will all benefit.

Travel plan for Businesses

Company TravelWise offers practical advice and real examples for organisations aimed at reducing employee car usage not only to and from work, but also on work related journeys.

By affiliating to Company TravelWise your business will be offered advice, access to new ideas, discount travel passes including a one-off 50% reduction, up-to-date transport information and potential business links with other companies. Your organisation will be continuously assisted, from the initial affiliation, through the Company Travel Survey, to the implementation of the ideas contained within the plan.

Why not ...

  • nominate someone to co-ordinate your TravelWise ideas
  • undertake a staff survey to find out employees' travel habits and their views on transport
  • assess your organisation's travel needs and requirements
  • lead from the top and involve management in initiates to provide greater encouragement for employees
  • use noticeboards and newsletters (etc) to advertise any initiatives and public information such as public transport timetables and service information


Travel plan for Employees

What is Company TravelWise?

It's a scheme to reduce car dependence, and has two types of members, Affiliate and Support companies.

Affiliated companies agree to implement the measure contained within the Company TravelWise document and take advantage of the benefits on offer. The Environment, Engineering & Transportation Department is classed as an Affiliated company.

Support companies provide an invaluable service to Company TravelWise members, as well as providing a good business opportunity for themselves. If the business provides bicycles, taxi services, car hire, alternative fuel vehicles etc, anything which is considered relevant to the theme of Company TravelWise can be offered to all Affiliated and other Support companies at a discounted rate.

What's in it for you?

Well apart from doing your bit to save the planet there are also practical benefits for you.

Employee Discount Card

Every Affiliated or Support company will receive a number of Employee Discount Cards. These will be allocated to employees for identification purposes when purchasing at a reduced price items form a Support company.

For example if you transfer from using your car to public transport you can qualify for the introductory discount of 50% on a travel pass.

Cars & Their Impact

Facts to take note of ...

  • each car parking space could be costing your organisation between £500 - £3000 per year
  • car parking can often take up more space than the buildings in which you work
  • the West Midlands has the highest traffic flow and the worst daily congestion outside London
  • it is estimated by the Freight Transport Association that congestion costs the national economy £20 billion a year
  • more than two thirds of GPs believe that the Government should take measures to reduce car dependency
  • 22% of Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the greenhouse gas, comes from road traffic emissions
  • congestion can increase your stress levels
  • 8 out of 10 cars carry only the driver
  • it is generally accepted that we can no longer build our way out of congestion by constructing new roads

Travel plan for Cycling and Walking

The car dependency culture is taking its toll on our health and that of our children, not only because of pollution levels which exacerbate lung disease but also contribute to an increase in overweight and obese children who are denied regular daily exercise.

The recommended 'daily dose' of activity is 20-30 minutes. This level of activity is known to reduce stress, boost the immune system and reduce the risk of heart disease. So by undertaking some of these shorter journeys by bike or on foot, not only are you 'doing your bit' for the environment, you are helping yourself and your children, to get fitter and save money as well as giving the car a rest!

What we are doing:

  • Implementing cycle routes e.g. Stourbridge to Kingswinford (see related documents below)
  • Regular cycle forum meetings to develop ideas/information from cyclists.
  • Working with schools to make walking and cycling safer.
  • Implementing new Pelican & Toucan crossing facilities.
  • Developing an active travel strategy to promote walking and cycling across the borough
  • Encouraging schools and businesses to develop their own Travel Plan to encourage cycling by providing facilities such as showers and secure bike parking

Ideas for employers

Cycling is environmentally friendly and provides staff with regular exercise thus helping to reduce stress. Storing cycles takes up less space than car parking.

  • negotiate with local bike shops for discounts on bicycles and accessories for your staff
  • offer low or interest free bicycle loans
  • offer a bike promotion scheme for employees who give up their parking space
  • provide pool bikes for local site visits or meetings
  • install bicycle facilities such as cycle sheds, stands, lockers, showers and provide spare waterproof clothing
  • establish a bicycle user group to help "spread the word"
  • offer staff cycle training
  • introduce a bike buddies scheme to pair regular cyclists with the willing but less experienced
  • pay a cycle mileage allowance for work related journeys

Travel plan for Special Needs

We hold a quarterly Disability Consultation Group to discuss access problems in relation to the highway and other mobility issues. The group consists of members from various groups in Dudley, representing people who use wheelchairs, partially sighted and blind people, hearing impaired people, the Council and a local Councillor.

We are working closely with Centro, Travel West Midlands and other operators to acquire funding and carry out work to implement more 'low floor' buses and routes. The 'Glass Quarter' route and 303 route have low-floor buses in operation. April 2000 saw the completion of phase one of the Halesowen to Brierley Hill Showcase route. Phase one runs between Halesowen bus station and Mucklow Hill roundabout. The whole route should be completed within 3 years and will form part of a network of Showcase routes planned for the Borough. Ring and Ride have given a commitment to integrate with any bus route which operates low floor buses 100% of the time.

We all need access to information to plan and make a journey. If you have a mobility difficulty, you may need more information than other members of the community because of your particular needs. Centro publish a free transport guide "Getting Around", for people with a mobility difficulty, which is also available in large print, audio tape or on a 3.5" diskette(ASCII format).

To order a copy, please contact the Centro Hotline on 0121 200 2700 or browse the information in the guide on Centro's website

If you are a disabled person, we would welcome any comments about problems you may have encountered when getting around or anything which makes getting around difficult. 

Travel and transport

  • Travel Plan, Economic Regeneration & Transportation, 4 Ednam Road, Dudley, DY1 1HL

    Telephone 0300 555 2345

  • Monday to Friday, 8.45 am to 5.00 pm, Please note that the offices are closed at weekends and Bank Holidays