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The Building Regulations are legal requirements designed to ensure the health and safety of building users. They also take into account energy conservation, and access and use of buildings by people, including disabled people.

Some of the matters covered by the Building Regulations include :

  • Structural Stability
  • Fire Safety
  • Environmental Comfort
  • Water and energy Efficiency
  • Access and facilities within buildings

The following areas do not form part of the Building Regulations:

  • Planning Approval or Advice
  • The Party wall act
  • Boundary disputes
  • Damage to third party property

Building Works and Exempt works pages

Other legislation that effects building works that is not administered by Dudley Council can include :

  • The Party Wall Act 1996. This deals with formal agreements and appropriate notification periods for people intending to work near or on a property boundary.

    National guide on party walls

  • The Water Industry ( Schemes for Adoption of Private Sewers ) Regulations 2011. This deals with the ownership of foul and storm water drainage, where ownership is transferred to the waste water undertaker. In such cases where your property is effected, you should consult with your local undertaker for an application to build over or near a sewer in their possession

Building regulations requirements

Guidance in relation to building regulation requirements can be found on the Local Authority Building Control website.

Building regulation fees

In order to obtain Building Regulations approval, an application will need to be made and the relevant fee paid.  

Exemptions from Building regulations

Certain types of building works are exempt from Building Regulations.  Visit LABC website to find out more.

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