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Find the support available to Dudley borough residents during pregnancy.

Pregnancy and maternity

The DudleyParents Guide for expectant parents.

Maternity services

Find information about hospital and community maternity services offered by The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust:

Dudley Hospitals Maternity Services

The NHS pregnancy section includes a week-by-week guide, advice on vitamins, and which foods to include for a healthy, nutritious diet.


Antenatal padlet

The Antenatal Padlet supports information you discuss with your midwife or other relevant health professional throughout pregnancy:

NHS antenatal padlet

Induced Labour

Find information on the induction of labour below. Induced labour is where labour is started artificially for any reason:

Induction of labour padlet


An essential guide and lots of free tools for having a healthy, happy baby:


Bonding with your baby

Healthy development of your baby begins during the first 2 years of their life.

Bonding with your baby

Top Tips for New Dads

From car seat queries to which rashes and spots to be concerned about and what’s normal in nappies – a new series of videos aimed at new dads has been shared by the Black Country Local Maternity and Neonatal System.

NHS maternity advice

Family Healthy Lifestyle Service

The Family Healthy Lifestyle Service provides information on staying healthy during pregnancy, a week-by-week guide on what to expect and healthy eating tips:

Healthy pregnancy

Dudley Healthy Pregnancy Support Service (HPSS)

Dudley Healthy Pregnancy Support Service (HPSS) practitioners provide expectant parents with support to stop smoking.

HPSS practitioners provide behavioural support and access to FREE nicotine replacement therapy. They continue with intensive support to quit throughout pregnancy.

They also discuss healthy weight gain in pregnancy. This includes advice on a safe, healthy diet and exercise. They also provide information on other interventions, such as safe sleep for babies, immunisations in pregnancy and infant feeding.

Contact the Healthy Pregnancy Support Service:

Telephone: 01384 244 358

We know that stopping smoking can be hard. Pregnancy doesn’t always make it easier, although it is one of the best reasons for you and your partner to quit. It is one of the most important decisions you can make for your baby, for a healthy pregnancy and a happy outcome.

Find further information at Your Health Dudley.

Additional support

Maternity Voices Partnerships (MVP)

Maternity Voices Partnership (MVP) is a team of people who provide feedback about their local maternity system.

The panel includes maternity professionals, such as midwives and doctors. Panels also consist of people with direct personal experience of the service, such as mothers and their family members.

Maternity Voice Partnerships
Telephone: 07500 843 590 or 07742 406 399

New Baby Network

New baby Network is a volunteer-led and volunteer-driven organisation. It works to support parents through pregnancy and in the transition into parenthood.

New Baby Network
Facebook: New Baby Network

Birth Reflections Service

Based at Russells Hall Hospital Maternity Unit, the Birth Reflections team holds regular clinics for antenatal and postnatal women.

Advice includes:

  • listening to each unique birth experience in a sympathetic and non-judgemental way
  • helping to build confidence after any trauma
  • assisting affected people to rebuild relationships and get lives back on track

Birth Reflection Unit

Telephone: 01384 244 358
Download: Patient Information Leaflet

Young parents

Family Lives and Young Parents Advice

Family Lives provides advice and support for parents.

Family Lives
Telephone: 0808 800 2222

The national Young Parents Advice service also offers specific advice for young fathers.

Young Parents Advice
Telephone: 0808 801 0336