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Discover a range of free services to support you and your family, including a dedicated Dad Zone at the end of the page.

Association for Infant Mental Health

The Association for Infant Mental Health's Getting to Know Your Baby videos have been designed to help parents, caregivers, and health professionals to know how to support the development of a baby’s emotional wellbeing.

Baby Buddy

The free Baby Buddy app supports parent/carers throughout their pregnancy and parenting journey, day by day. Whether you’re a mum, dad, co-parent or caregiver, Baby Buddy empowers you to feel confident, giving you the knowledge and practical skills to look after yourself and give your child the best start.


Contact is a charity for families with disabled children who offer a telephone support service, alongside further information and advice.


Flo is a completely FREE text message system for pregnant and postnatal families in Dudley. It sends helpful text messages which include videos and links to support families through pregnancy and the first six weeks of life with a baby.

To find out more, please speak with your midwife, watch the Flo introduction video on YouTube or read the info sheet.


ICON offers support to those who care for babies to cope with crying.

Remember, if you need help, or are feeling stressed, please speak to someone. You can speak to your family, friends, midwife, GP or health visitor.


Find your local library through Better.

Lullaby Trust Baby Check App

The Baby Check App – Produced by the Lullaby Trust, featuring 19 simple checks that parents can do if their baby is showing signs of illness.

New Baby Network

The New Baby Network connects parents and families together in safe, non-judgmental spaces to create a strong social network

Facebook: @NewBabyNetwork

Self-management programmes 

Self-management programmes - Courses for people with long term health conditions, including specific courses for adults who have a caring responsibility.

Telephone: 07976 637404

TED talk

How every child can thrive by five (video) - A TED talk by Molly, aged just 7, about the importance of parents' interactions in how children and adults develop.


Developmental milestones - Everything you need to know about your growing two-month-old.

Online courses suitable for parents

Brighter Beginnings

Brighter Beginnings early years workshops - Workshops for families with disabled children aged 5 and under.

Dudley Parenting Programmes

The Dudley Parents website is a one-stop-shop for access to resources and programmes including:

  • Five to Thrive
  • Triple P programme
  • Solihull approach
  • Dad Pad

The Open University

Supporting physical development in early childhood - a free course helping parents understand how physical activity improves child mental and physical health development.

Dad Zone

This area provides additional information specifically aimed at dads.

Local Groups

Your Local Family Hub is a place where families can access a range of local services for their community. Activities are open to male carers.

Additional Resources

Acacia Family Support - Pre and postnatal depression support services for dads and partners.

Ask Marc - Help and support for men affected by domestic abuse.

Dads and Partners - NHS website offering support during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

Dad.infoEurope’s largest advice and support website for fathers run by the charity ‘Spurgeons’.

Dadpad - the essential guide for new dads, developed with the NHS and free for Dudley residents.

Dadvengers - supporting dads to have the confidence to be inspiring parents while also promoting positive mental health for men.

Digidad - An online E-Learning platform full of father friendly content.

Future Men - Inspiring boys and men to become dynamic future men, by giving them the confidence to discover what it means to be a man.

Young Dad’s Collective - Coram family and childcare: working to improve the lives of young dads.