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Commemorative Plaque Scheme (Blue Plaque)

We recognise that residents want to honour and remember the deceased or a specific event in a public way and have launched a Commemorative Plaque (Blue plaque) scheme. Plaques will be installed on the building where the person lived or worked. Alternatively the building may have a close association with the person or event.

All plaques follow the same basic layout and contain key information such as dates and explanatory text. Plaques are individually designed and made to the council's specification, with input from the borough artist.  You can also view current Blue plaques in the borough. 

What else can I do?

In addition to the Commemorative Plaque scheme, families, friends and the wider community are encouraged to consider the benefits to the borough and community as a whole of using any additional money raised for setting up or linking to an existing bursary, award or prize fund.

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