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Commemorative Plaque Scheme (Blue Plaque)

We recognise that residents want to honour and remember the deceased or a specific event in a public way and have launched a Commemorative Plaque (Blue plaque) scheme. Plaques will be installed on the building where the person lived or worked. Alternatively the building may have a close association with the person or event.

All plaques follow the same basic layout and contain key information such as dates and explanatory text. Plaques are individually designed and made to the council's specification, with input from the borough artist.  You can also view current Blue plaques in the borough. 

Making an application

Anyone can make a nomination for a commemorative plaque.

Before deciding to make an application, the applicant must gather some evidence of the strength of recognition and popular appeal of the individual.

Any supporting information gathered through questionnaires, surveys or other means should be submitted with the nomination. The nominating individual or organisation must budget for and fund any costs involved in this consultation process.

What information do we need?

In order to process your application you will need to provide the following information:

  • Details of the person or event to be honoured
  • Full name of person or event
  • Year of birth or start date of event
  • Year of death or end date of event
  • Details of the achievements and reasons why this person or event should be recognised
  • Address of the building where the person lived, worked or where the event occurred, including postcode
  • What dates did the person nominated live or work at this address?
  • Details of the property owner where the plaque is to be fitted
  • Your details: Name, Address and Telephone number


The council will only consider nominations for plaques if the owner of the building has given written consent. You will need to confirm that the owner has given permission, their name and their address

So the application can be processed efficiently, please provide details of the building on which you would like the plaque to go plus written consent from the owner.

What happens when you submit a nomination?

Once we receive your application with the correct supporting documentation and fee, we will check that you meet the criteria, and have all necessary consents and planning approval. The Director will consider the application and approve the nomination if appropriate.

We will consult with you regarding the design of the plaque and coordination of an unveiling event.

Please note that this process can take approximately six months.

Criteria for Commemorative plaques

  1. The person should have been deceased for 15 years or have passed centenary of their birth or the event, whichever is earlier;
  2. Be considered eminent by a majority of the members of their own profession or calling;
  3. Have made an important positive contribution to human welfare or given outstanding service;
  4. Promoted the borough in a positive manner through their work or other activities;
  5. Brought Dudley to positive national attention through the event being nominated;
  6. Be recognisable to the well informed passer by;
  7. Deserve recognition throughout the borough;
  8. Have lived or worked in Dudley for a significant period of time;
  9. A local history society or other recognised representative body should support the nomination.

A successful applicant must:

  • Be able to confirm criteria 1 above
  • Provide sufficient detail to inform either 2, 3, 4 or 5 above
  • Demonstrate the positive recognition of the person or event either 6,7,8 or 9 above.


The council will be responsible for assessing the costs and carrying out the installation work. The cost for designing, producing and installing the plaque will be required from the nominating individual or organisation in advance of any design work or on site attendance. Installation costs will be assessed on a case-by case basis.

Please see our Commemorative Blue Plaque Fees for further information.

Please note that the fees must be submitted with application form. (Additional works will incur further costs).

What else can I do?

In addition to the Commemorative Plaque scheme, families, friends and the wider community are encouraged to consider the benefits to the borough and community as a whole of using any additional money raised for setting up or linking to an existing bursary, award or prize fund.