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Household Support Fund

Due to predicted high demand, applications for the Household Support Fund have now closed. Further support can be found on our Cost of Living and Household Support pages

Dudley Music Education Hub Performance Groups

Learning to play a musical instrument or sing is a fantastic thing to do; but playing music with other musicians is when the fun really begins - it also improves your playing.

Dudley Performing Arts ensembles have performed both locally and nationally. We regularly play in the region and have performed at Symphony Hall and many other prestigious venues. Our groups have toured in this country and abroad including appearances at the Royal Albert Hall.

If you play an instrument or sing there is something for you in the Dudley Music Education Hub with groups, bands and ensembles for all instruments and all levels of ability.

Please go to our parent portal and to enrol in one of our performance groups select 'enrol for an activity' followed by 'DPA performance group'. You will then be able to enter student information and enrol into any groups that you take part in.

Our groups

Our performance groups are open to children and young people who live in the Dudley Borough or attend one of our schools/colleges. There is no audition process, simply identify the group that is relevant to you and come along.

For more information about joining one of our groups please speak to your instrument or vocal teacher, someone at your school or contact Dudley Performing Arts.

For beginners

We have Up Beat groups for woodwind, brass and string players, with some spaces for drummers. The sessions are fun and suitable for children as soon as they can get a note out of their instrument and players up to Grade 2 standard.

The rehearsals are organised so that students who have been playing for a few years can still enjoy and learn in the sessions alongside beginners, until the point that they are ready to move up to the next level. There is a similar structure for guitarists and keyboard players.

For developing musicians

We have groups for brass, woodwind, keyboards, electric guitars, strings and developing percussionists.

There is a small charge to join the concert wind and string groups and the entry level is around grade 2. There is no need to have taken a music exam to join these groups - please get in touch if you would like to talk to someone about joining.

For advanced young musicians

Our Youth Bands and senior groups cater for our most advanced musicians. These groups have performed at prestigious venues such as the Royal Albert Hall, Symphony Hall, and BBC Maida Vale studios. There is a small membership fee to join.

Rehearsal times

All groups rehearse at Resonance at the Waterfront in Brierley Hill, DY5 1LW. Resonance is in the Cable Plaza building next to the Landmark building. There is plenty of parking and parents can wait in the cafe area during rehearsals.

Arrival and departure

On arrival parents and children should come into Resonance where a staff member will collect the group and take them to the rehearsal room. At the end of the rehearsal DPA staff will lead students back to the main doors for collection. Parents/other family members can wait in Good Vibes, the cafe area during the rehearsal.

During rehearsal

The rehearsal room will be set up so that every child can maintain social distancing and they will have their own music stand and chair.

Displaying Covid symptoms

Anyone with Covid symptoms must not attend rehearsals. In the even that a child develops symptoms during a session they will be taken to a designated isolation room and parents will be contacted to collect.

Conditions of Performance Group Membership

Payment and enrolment

All students, regardless of age must enrol for DPA ensembles.

Membership fees are applicable for Senior, Concert and Youth Level groups. Fees are only applicable once per student, regardless of the number of groups joined. There is no charge for the third term in any single academic year if payment has been received for the previous two terms.

The fee covers basic membership and is not refundable

Supervision at rehearsals

  • DPA staff are responsible for group members in the same way that school teachers look after members of their class. Each group has a register that is completed at the start of each rehearsal - often a supporting teacher does this without disrupting the rehearsal
  • DPA staff are responsible for students once they enter the supervised area. A member of staff will be on hand to ensure that this happens efficiently and safely. At the end of the session students will be dismissed and again a member of staff will supervise
  • DPA staff will stay on site until all students have been collected/departed. Many parents choose to wait for students either outside the rehearsal room or near the main entrance to the building. Our direct supervision of students ends as they leave the rehearsal area but staff are on hand to deal with any situations that arise
  • It is the parent's duty to check collection points/times and to take responsibility for children's transport arrangements

Supervision at events

There are three aspects to events – arriving/departing, performing and waiting to perform.

  • DPA staff will arrive at the venue before the time specified for students. As students arrive they will be allocated a space/waiting area to leave instruments/coats, etc. DPA staff supervise these areas for the duration of the concert. For the performance, groups will be escorted to the stage and returned to the waiting area for the duration of the event. At the end of the event students will be dismissed from the waiting areas and will meet up with parents. Space is a premium in back stage areas and for practical reasons it is not possible for parents to collect students from within these areas
  • As with rehearsals, DPA staff do not supervise car parks/bus stops, etc., although in certain venues stewards may be on site. Our staff will remain at the venue until all performers have departed. It is the parent's duty to check collection points/times and to take responsibility for children's transport arrangements