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Dudley Performing Arts co-ordinate a series of events each year for children and young people. We have included some frequently asked questions below and if you are taking part in an event that has different procedures (e.g. an event in a park) we will communicate the changes by email.

Arriving and departing

Unless advised otherwise, performers and audience should arrive together at the main venue entrance. Our staff, along with volunteers from The Friends of Dudley Performing Arts will take students to get ready to play, parents can go to their seats or use any catering that is available.

Events often have a large number of students taking part and at the end of each concert we will announce details of how students are to be collected. If you need to collect a student but are not able to come to the concert simply come into the main venue entrance at the finish time and we will tell you where to collect your child.

Getting Tickets

You will need to get your tickets in advance from the box office. Unsold tickets will be available on the door but we can not guarantee availability.  Some events do not require tickets e.g. the summer concert in the park.

What to wear

Our standard dress code for students is smart black and white or all black.

Sometimes we have a more relaxed dress code (e.g. for outdoor concerts) and there may be occasions when we specifically ask groups to dress in a particular theme.

Group leaders will contact parents if students are asked to wear anything other than the standard dress code.

How we look after your children during events

Students will be supervised by either Dudley Performing Arts staff or members of The Friends of Dudley Performing Arts. This includes when they are waiting to perform, when on stage and before students are released at the end. All staff/volunteers are subjected to DBS checking and are trained event chaperones.

When enrolling into performance groups you are asked for any medical information that we should be aware of. This can be updated by contacting our offices if needed.

If we need to evacuate the building during an event students must remain in our supervision.

We are not responsible for students until they are directly in our care. We are not responsible for students waiting to come into the venue, in car parks or at any stage of the journey to a venue. Likewise we can not take responsibly for students arriving early.


What should students bring?

Just bring your instrument you are playing and any music you have been given specifically for the concert. Back stage areas are notoriously crowded and less is always better. Whilst we will monitor student behaviour closely, we can not take responsibility for any losses/damage to personal items during an event.

Events 2021 Venue Instruments
9th September, 17:30 to 20:30 Open Evening at Resonance A chance to meet our team and try a range of different instruments
1st December, 19:00 Concert at Stourbridge Town Hall Up Beat Strings, All Guitars Groups Concert Strings, Down Beat
6th December, 19:00 Concert at Stourbridge Town Hall Up Beat Wind, All Keyboard Groups, Concert Wind
13th December, 19:00 The Mayors Christmas Concert at Dudley Town Hall Youth Strings and Wind, VTime, Massed Choirs, Nativity
28th March, 19:00 Brass and Woodwind Festival at Dudley Town Hall UpBeat Wind, Concert and Youth Wind Bands
29th March, 19:00 Keyboard and Guitar Festival at Dudley Town Hall All Keyboard and Guitar groups and Down Beat
30th March, 19:00 A Grand Festival of Strings at Dudley Town Hall UpBeat Strings, Concert and Youth String Groups
31st March, 19:00 Festival of Song at Resonance Pulse and VTime with invited soloists
3rd July , from 10:00 Concert in the Park at Mary Stevens Park All DPA groups