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Conditions of Performance Group Membership

Payment and enrollment

All students, regardless of age are required to enrol for DPA ensembles

Membership fees are applicable for Senior, Concert and Youth Level groups. Fees are only applicable once per student, regardless of the number of groups joined. There is no charge for the third term in any single academic year if payment has been received for the previous two terms

The fee covers basic membership and is not refundable

Supervision at rehearsals

DPA staff are responsible for group members in the same way that school teachers look after members of their class. Each group has a register that is completed at the start of each rehearsal - often a supporting teacher does this without disrupting the rehearsal.

DPA staff are responsible for students once they enter the supervised area. A member of staff will be on hand to ensure that this happens efficiently and safely. At the end of the session students will be dismissed and again a member of staff will supervise.

DPA staff will stay on site until all students have been collected/departed. Many parents choose to wait for students either outside the rehearsal room or near the main entrance to the building. Our direct supervision of students ends as they leave the rehearsal area but staff are on hand to deal with any situations that arise.

It is the parent’s duty to check collection points/times and to take responsibility for children’s transport arrangements.

Supervision at events

There are 3 aspects to events – arriving/departing, performing and waiting to perform.

DPA staff will arrive at the venue before the time specified for students. As students arrive they will be allocated a space/waiting area to leave instruments/coats etc. DPA staff supervise these areas for the duration of the concert. For the performance groups will be escorted to the stage and returned to the waiting area for the duration of the event. At the end of the event students will be dismissed from the waiting areas and will meet up with parents. Space is a premium in back stage areas and for practical reasons it is not possible for parents to collect students from within these areas.

As with rehearsals, DPA staff do not supervise car parks/bus stops etc. although in certain venues stewards may be on site. Our staff will remain at the venue until all performers have departed. It is the parent’s duty to check collection points/times and to take responsibility for children’s transport arrangements.

Please contact your school for terms and conditions for instrumental tuition taking place in schools.