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Dudley Skyline

Edwin Butler Bayliss. 1874-1950

Black Country Industrial Scene. Oil on canvas

Edwin was born to a wealthy family; his father was a successful Wolverhampton business man. 

His inspiration came from the Black Country foundries around Bilston and Tipton close to the Hickman furnaces. Sir Alfred Hickman, owner of Bilston steelworks was a family friend. 

His paintings successfully capture the stark and harsh conditions in the Black Country.  

This painting is a typical example of Bayliss' work. It shows a daylight scene of the Black Country. There is a canal to the right and a large furnace to the left. The only living elements are a man and his horse whose posture show them to be downcast and defeated.  You can also see a smoke filled sky and slag heaps; a gritty image of the engineering heartland.  The red of the furnaces is a dramatic contrast to the greys and blues of the sky the grey towpath blends with the canal, sky, factories and slag heaps. 

This painting is one of two in Dudley Museums collection.