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Dry cleaners are subject to Local Authority control with regards to their emissions to the air. It's an offence to operate as a dry cleaner using organic solvents without applying for a permit from their Local Authority under the provisions of the Environmental permitting (England and Wales) Regulations 2016.

A permit must be obtained before you start to operate the dry cleaning process. We can take up to 3 months to process an application for a dry cleaning permit and so you ensure that you allow enough time to obtain the permit before you start operating.

Your Right of Appeal

Any person aggrieved by a refusal to be granted a permit or by any condition to which a permit is subject may appeal to the Planning Inspectorate who may give such directions regarding the permit or its conditions as it thinks proper.

Making a complaint

If you feel we have failed to provide you with good service or are concerned about the progress of your application, please contact us and we will endeavour to resolve any concerns you may have. We also have a formal complaints procedure.