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Fairtrade in Stourbridge

Stourbridge Fairtrade Group grew out of “Churches Together Stourbridge” and has been involved in promoting Fairtrade for several years. Stourbridge Fairtrade believe it is right and just to ensure farmers and producers in developing countries receive a fair wage for their products. The group meet several times a year and our purpose is to promote Fairtrade awareness whenever and however we can.

In order for a town to gain Fairtrade Town status it has to achieve 5 goals laid down by the Fairtrade Foundation. One of these goals was that Dudley Council passed a resolution supporting the principles of Fairtrade which it did on July 16th 2007, with a further commitment made in December 2013. The council welcomes the work of supporters of the Fairtrade Foundation within the Metropolitan Borough and supports the efforts of all townships within the borough in their quest for Fairtrade Town Status. The council agrees to continue to offer Fairtrade tea and coffee at its meetings and in the offices. Stourbridge Fairtrade is grateful for the ongoing support it receives from Dudley Council.

Over the years Stourbridge Fairtrade Group have had the support of many groups, schools and individuals to numerous to mention individually and we continue to work with many of these groups. Stourbridge Chamber of Trade donated some wonderful pull-ups. Stourbridge needs 19 retail outlets and 9 cafes/restaurants to sell or offer at least 2 Fairtrade items. Certificates of Appreciation have been presented to all the establishments that were audited by the group. We are immensely grateful to the shops and cafes who sell and offer Fairtrade goods and for the people of Stourbridge who continue to ask for them.

In September 2010 Stourbridge gained Fairtrade Town status, an achievement we are immensely proud of and were successful in our renewal bids in both 2012 and 2014. However our work is by no means finished……wouldn’t it be wonderful if the whole of Dudley borough was Fairtrade?

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