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The Council wants to ensure there is a consistent approach to applying social value in procurement activity. To achieve this, we have developed a simple and straightforward tool, so all departments work to a minimum level of operating. A consistent approach means it will be more straightforward for all types and sizes of suppliers to bid for contracts.

We have designed the new model to fit easily within existing procurement processes, minimising the impact for you when you are bidding for contracts. It is based on qualitative responses and not just on volumes. This means that larger suppliers are not able to win on scale alone. All companies must set out what they will deliver and how they will deliver it. It is this information that you be scored in bid evaluations.

Dudley Council’s expenditure of approximately £300m per annum on goods, services and works has the capacity to enable the application of substantial social value outcomes and benefits. These will improve the quality of life and life chances of Dudley’s residents and enhance the economy and environment of the local area.