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Our ambition and social value objectives are fully aligned with Dudley’s key aims and values.

Supporting stronger and safer communities

We are committed to strengthening communities and empowering people to be self-reliant and independent and we take pride in working with our residents to deliver our services around their needs. We will promote the use of the voluntary and social enterprise sector within our supply chain and help build local knowledge and resilience.

Creating a cleaner and greener place

From our roads and towns to our parks and nature reserves, our environment is our most valuable asset, providing the landscape in which our residents live. We will work hard with local businesses and communities to ensure the places where people live are cleaner and greener and we will continue to promote sustainable procurement that protects the long-term future of our planet for our children.

Growing the economy and creating jobs

Through an extensive package of regeneration and housing projects, we are making it clear that it is Dudley’s time to build, connect and grow. We will ensure that our communities develop new skills and gain meaningful employment. We will also encourage employers in the region to invest in new jobs and skills open for everyone.

We are therefore committed to ensuring local businesses are provided with the skills to compete and are also offered the opportunity to work within our supply chain.

Council Plan and Borough Vision

The strong link between the Council Plan, the Borough Vision and social value are reflected in Dudley’s matrix of Themes, Outcomes and Measures.

The Dudley Deal is an informal agreement with three distinct strands between the Council, local people and businesses: the community deal, the business deal and the green deal.