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Community Advice

We have a number of community services available across the Dudley borough to help you.

Citizen's Advice

Dudley Borough Citizens Advice working together to make a positive difference in the community.

Community Safety

The Dudley community safety partnership is committed to making Dudley a safe place in which to live, work and visit. Its role is to plan strategically, commission and oversee services that tackle crime and disorder and address drug and alcohol misuse.

Debt Counselling

For information and advice about debt counselling.

You may also wish to view information regarding credit unions. Anyone who lives or works in Dudley borough can save with Castle & Crystal. A non-profit making organisation established for over ten years.

Registration Services

Information available relating to birthsbereavement and getting married in Dudley.

Citizenship ceremonies

A person can apply to the Home Office to become a British Citizen if they have resided in the UK for 5 years or if they have resided in the UK for 3 years and are married to a British Citizen.

More information about gaining citizenship.

Emergency Planning

Major incidents or emergencies could include health alerts, severe weather, security related incidents including bomb warnings, transport accidents (road, rail or air) which cause widespread disruption, industrial accidents. Any incident which can cause large numbers of injured persons or fatalities.

Emergency planning