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Dudley Council
Dudley Skyline

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The Area

Dudley borough is situated in the south-west of the West Midlands conurbation and is generally a mix of industry, commerce, shops and residential areas. Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council is the local authority for the borough.

Dudley lies at the heart of the Black Country, a part of England unique in terms of its cultural and economic heritage. Rather than being dominated by one major centre, Dudley is composed of a number of small townships, each having its own identity and culture. The main towns are Dudley itself, Stourbridge in the south-west, Halesowen to the south and east and Brierley Hill in the middle of the Borough.

The Borough has an estimated population of 322,363 residents for 2020.

The Authority

Dudley has a Council Plan which sets out the main priorities and outcomes for a three year period.

The current plan was launched in April 2022 and covers the period 2022-25. The four priorities identified are:

  • The borough of opportunity
  • A safe and healthy borough
  • The borough of enterprise and ambition
  • The destination of choice

The council monitors performance against the council plan through quarterly performance reports.