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Performance and Performance Reporting

We are constantly striving to improve the way that we deliver our services to meet the needs of local people, and to ensure that we can measure and demonstrate our achievements. We are committed to managing our performance in line with the priorities outlined in the Council plan.

Performance management is important to Dudley MBC for a number of reasons:

  • It helps us to achieve the priorities of the organisation
  • It helps us ensure satisfaction for residents and communities
  • It enables us to prioritise tasks and resources
  • It helps us to ensure Dudley Council provides value for money

Performance management information also enables the authority to compare performance with other metropolitan borough councils and authorities who represent the best in terms of performance and service provision. This highlights areas for our own improvement and provides examples of ‘best practice'.

Corporate performance reporting

Each part (directorate) of the council considers the Council Plan and puts together a plan of how that service can work towards the objectives. Directors and Heads of Service are responsible for setting and cascading SMART objectives that align to the 2024-25 Council Plan and the financial challenge, creating a golden thread through the organisation.

Performance measures (also called performance indicators) are reported on through our performance reports. The reports show targets and whether performance measures are on track to meet the targets.

The reports for the current year are available on the performance reporting page.


Corporate Performance Reports are developed and reported on a monthly basis. They are reviewed by the Corporate Management Team, the Deputy and Shadow Deputy Leader and Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

Information on scrutiny committees is available on the Committee Management System.

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If you would like any further information regarding Corporate Performance in Dudley, please contact us.

Telephone: 01384 816931 or 01384 815379


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