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Most households rely on fuel to some extent.

While availability within the UK is usually very good, the blockades at key oil distribution points in September 2000 and industrial action taken by Shell tanker drivers in June 2008 both serve to demonstrate the detrimental effects fuel shortages can have both at the national and regional levels.  

The risks:

Fuel shortages can occur for a number of reasons:

  • Industrial action
  • Panic buying
  • Public protest
  • Scarcity of supply
  • Technical problems 

Potential impacts:

  • Financial losses for businesses and the economy
  • Inability to provide essential services
  • Lengthy return to normal supply levels

What you can do:

  • Car share
  • Consider alternative methods of transport - bike, bus, train or walk
  • Maintain your vehicle so that it's as fuel efficient as possible
  • Minimise car journeys as much as possible
  • Drive steadily - by keeping a constant speed you will consume less fuel
  • Don't idle at traffic lights 

Did you know - you may keep up to 30 litres of petrol in a suitable container in a garage or shed. If you do store petrol remember never to keep it:

  • Inside your house
  • Near a source of ignition