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Specific risks

Information about how to deal with specific emergencies

Severe weather

Advice on what to do to be better prepared during periods of severe weather

Flooding, drainage and sewerage

Advice on a variety of emergency drainage issues

Infectious disease

Advice about emergencies concerning the outbreak of infectious diseases


Terrorist attacks are rare, but they can happen. It is important to be prepared

Industrial accidents

Industrial and urban accidents can take a wide variety of forms and their impacts vary considerably

Loss of utilities

Loss of a utility can cause severe disruption both directly and indirectly

Fuel shortages

Fuel shortages can have detrimental effects at both a local and national level

Power cuts

There are some simple measures we can all do in the case of a power cut

Cyber crime

Homes, workplaces, key infrastructure and prosperity are all at risk from cyber attack

Transport disruption

Transport disruption can have far-reaching and detrimental impacts upon us

Industrial action and public disorder

Industrial action and public disorder can adversely affect our lives

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