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Energy Bills rebate

More information on the £150 energy bills rebate

Dudley Council
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Sign up to Dudley’s Big Switch and save cash on your home energy bills.

With gas and electricity prices more than doubling in less than seven years and with this trend set to continue, Dudley borough residents have the option to sign up to 'Dudley’s Big Switch' to save money on their gas and electricity bills, and seek energy efficiency advice.

What Is Dudley's Big Switch?

Dudley’s Big Switch is a collective energy switching scheme. It is designed to bring people together to reduce their energy bills by switching suppliers together.

It is part of a national initiative where councils across the country work together to get the very best energy deals for their householders. Thousands of people across the country have already saved money by registering with the Big Switch. At previous Big Switch auctions Dudley borough residents have made significant savings on their energy bills. 

In total since Dudley Council joined the scheme in May 2013 people have made savings totalling almost £1.5 million on energy bills.

How Does It Work?

The Big Switch involves four easy steps.

  • Sign up for free without obligation. It takes less than 5 minutes. You can either click on the banner above 'Lower your energy bill and register today for free' and follow the link to sign up online, or you can call Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345.
  • A 'auction' then takes place. The supplier who offers the cheapest tariff will offer you a contract.
  • You will then receive a personal offer to see how much money you could save.
  • Finally, you get decide whether you accept the offer or not.

Please note, if you do decide to switch you are entering into a contract with an energy supplier, not with Dudley Council. The responsibility to provide energy and deliver your contract lies with the energy supplier.

Who Can Register With The Scheme?

The scheme is open to all householders living in the Dudley Borough, and includes the following:

  • People living in rented accommodation.
  • People with a prepayment meter.
  • People paying for dual fuel.
  • People paying for gas and electricity separately.
  • People with a fuel debt of up to £500 or less.

When does the Big Switch take place?

There are three auctions each year. They take place in February, May and October.