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Also known as the tip, residents of Dudley borough can dispose of their household waste at our centre in Stourbridge.

The Household Waste Recycling Centre booking system has being upgraded. It can now provide same day access for residents.
You must book to enter site. Please remember to cancel when you can’t attend. This will allow someone else to use your slot. Anyone arriving at the centre without a booking will be turned away.
Since starting the appointment scheme traffic management around the area has improved. It also allows us to increase slots at peak times.

The booking system allows:

  • Quicker and simpler booking form
  • Bookings to be available on the same day
  • Cancellations to become available instantaneously for rebooking
  • Edit bookings for car changes
  • Incorporation of a permit system for vans, pickups and cars with trailers
  • Flexibility for some permitted vehicles to access the site other than Wednesday
  • Up to 650 bookings available daily
  • Confirmation email with cancellation & calendar function
  • Reminder email before appointment
  • Permits issued before 6 October 2021 will be cancelled, and 12 new Permits will be issued on booking
  • Access for Hired Vans
  • No restriction on number of bookings per week

If you are unable to attend your appointment

Our email confirmations include the ability to cancel bookings online. Bookings can be cancelled at any time and the slot instantly becomes available for another residents use. Please check spam or junk folders for this email.

Opening hours

Summer - 1 April to 30 September

  • Weekdays: Monday, 8am to 6pm. Tuesday to Friday, 8am to 4pm.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 8am to 4pm

Winter - 1 October to 31 March

  • Daily: 8am to 4pm

Closed dates

The centre is open throughout the year but is closed on the following days:

  • 1 January
  • 25 December
  • 26 December

Pop-up sites

We also operate a pop-up recycling and disposal service. These currently take place at Lister Road, Dudley and Northway, Sedgley between 8am and 3.30pm.

There is a height restriction in place of 1.98m, so please ensure you can access the site when booking.

These are held on the first and third Saturday of the month.

Pop-up dates and locations

  • 3 August 2024 - Lister Road, Dudley
  • 17 August 2024 - Northway, Sedgley
  • 7 September 2024 - Lister Road, Dudley
  • 21 September 2024 - Northway, Sedgley
  • 5 October 2024 - Lister Road, Dudley
  • 19 October 2024 - Northway, Sedgley

Only cars can attend and bookings are only available through Dudley Council Plus or via our booking system. This is to assist residents in the north of the borough to dispose of unwanted items. The site wont be able to accept hazardous waste such as gas cylinders (of any size), liquids (including motor oil, cooking oil or paint), batteries (of any size) and car tyres.

Cancelling an appointment

If you are unable to attend your appointment - please notify us. It is important you let us know as we will be able to offer cancelled appointments to other residents.

Our email confirmations include the ability to cancel bookings online. Bookings can be cancelled at any time and the slot instantly becomes available for another residents use. Please check spam or junk folders for this email.

Conditions of Use

A limited number of cars will be allowed on site per hour. Ideally, only one person should attend per vehicle, but two people are permitted if required for unloading due to weight or amount. We need residents to unload as quickly and efficiently as possible to help maintain schedules and reduce potential queuing times. Site operatives may assist with unloading. When you have a scheduled slot, please do not turn up early as the service runs to schedule. If you do you will be asked to wait until your allotted time.

Visitors should adhere to the following:

  • Separate waste before journeying to the site
  • Please dispose of your rubbish as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • No children or pets on site
  • Do not socialise with other site users
  • Be respectful of site staff and other visitors

For visitors safety, we also advise the following:

  • Do not touch your face
  • Use gloves
  • Wash your hands when you get home

Further information


When items come to the end of their useful life, it’s important to consider the disposal options available. Most people recognise that recycling is better for the environment. However, many of us fail to consider other options which might be even better for the environment. Such as waste prevention or whether items could be reused.

In order to maximise recycling rates it is suggested that householders sort all waste into the correct containers for recycling. Pre-sorting materials before visiting the site will make visits easier and quicker. Any items suitable for reuse should be handed to a site operative.

Van and trailer permits

If you use a car towing a trailer or a commercial type vehicle to dispose of your household waste at Dudley Council’s household waste recycling centre (HWRC) you will need to apply for our van and trailer permit.

Commercial waste

We cannot accept commercial waste. To find out more about commercial waste view our commercial waste page

Height barriers

Height barriers are in operation at the site. The height barrier is set at 6ft 6ins/1.98m at the entrance to the car park. Any vehicles above 6ft 6ins will need to make an appointment, available on Wednesdays only.

Please note that the use of small trailers (maximum of 1.8m) will only be allowed at the site by prior appointment.