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We can pickup large items from a domestic premises. For a small fee, you can get rid of unwanted items quickly and easily - typically within eight working days of your request.

We also work in partnership with Textek to offer our residents a new service for the collection and recycling of mattresses, bed bases, carpets and underlay

How do I request a collection?

To request a special collection please contact Dudley Council Plus.

Requests for next day pickup can be done if the calendar allows and the request is logged before 4pm on day of request.

When do collections take place?

Find out below what days we carry out bulky item collections in your area

What can be collected?

We can collect bulky waste including garden rubbish and larger items of rubbish such as sofas and white goods.

  • Items must be on customers property and as near to the pavement as possible.

  • Any branches being collected need to be cut to less than 4ft/1.2m before collection.

Classification of one item

Because we charge for each item, it's important to make clear distinctions about what 'one' item means.

Our guidelines are that if an item is of no use on its own, it doesn't count as a single item.


  • a shed dismantled into its sides, roof and floor will count as one item. A roof of a shed is useless without the rest to hold it up.
  • A three piece suite counts as three items. The chairs would be perfectly usable without the sofa
  • A bathroom suite is not one item. A toilet doesn't require a bath to be useful

Where do I leave my items for collection?

A collection date will be confirmed with you when you call.

  • Bulky items should be outside the property on the day of collection.
  • Items must be on your premises and not left on the street.
  • Items must be left in an accessible location.

  • We will not enter a premises to collect items.
  • Only the specified items will be collected.

  • Please note that you will be charged if we come to collect your items but we are not able to collect them.


Sizes & prices

  • Small - £25.25 (for example items from a 3-piece suite)
  • Medium - £42.10 (for example items from a 3-piece suite plus small items)
  • Large - £67.34 (for example large items of furniture)

  • Mattresses, Bed Bases, Carpets and Underlay - £18 (via Textek)
White Goods
  • Small - £12.58 (for example a microwave)
  • Large - £25.45 (for example a fridge or freezer)

How to Pay

This service can be paid for at the point of ordering, by contacting Dudley Council Plus.

For Mattresses, Bed Baes, Carpets and Underlay contact Textek


Notification of any cancellation must be received before 4pm on the previous working day. Cancellations received after deadline will be charged unless crew can be alerted.

Can I put my old items to good use, rather than just scrapping them?

There are a number of organisation that aim to relieve poverty and reduce waste by promoting the re-use of essential household furniture and electrical appliances to help people in need. Before you dispose of any unwanted items why not donate it to an organisation that could re-use it. We would much rather see items re-used than collected by us and scrapped.