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A carers assessment is an opportunity for you to discuss with us your needs and feelings as a carer and the support or services you need to help you continue caring.

What is a carers assessment?

A carers assessment will look at:

  • Your needs for support
  • The practical and emotional sustainability of your caring role
  • Your willingness and ability to continue to provide support

It must also look at:

  • The impact of your support needs on your own health & well-being
  • Caring responsibilities you may have for a child or children or any other person you may provide care for
  • Ability to work; access education or training or engage in recreational activities
  • What you would like to achieve in your daily life
  • If support could help you achieve these outcomes
  • Whether your support network and the wider community can contribute towards meeting the outcomes you want to achieve
  • Whether you or the person you are caring for would benefit from preventative support or information and advice

Who can have a carers assessment?

Any carer who appears to have a need for support as a result of providing care to another adult will be offered a carers assessment. You do not have to be living with the person you care for or be caring full time.  (A person providing care through a paid contract including direct payments or voluntary work may not be classed as a carer in this situation, unless they are providing additional care outside of the paid contract).

The Care Act states that a carers’ assessment should be 'appropriate and proportionate to the needs of the carer'.

As a carer you are entitled to a carers assessment: 

  • Regardless of the amount/type of care you provide, your financial means or your level of needs for support.
  • Even if the person you care for has had an assessment of their needs from social care services, or if they have been assessed as not being eligible for support.

Who will carry out the carers assessment?

Carers assessments will be carried out by a trained social worker or trusted assessor* from the council. In some cases, with your consent you may be referred to an external agency.

*a trusted assessor is someone who is not a social worker but who has been trained to carry out assessments. 

To discuss carers assessments or to make a referral for an assessment contact the Dudley Carers Hub.

Preparing for a carers assessment

It is useful to give yourself some time to think about how caring affects you. You should also think about what help would make a difference to you as a carer, in continuing in your caring role. It may be useful to write some notes for yourself, or talk to family or friends to help you think about your needs.

We will provide you with information about the assessment in advance, including a copy of the assessment and information about the type of questions you will be asked during the assessment.

How is a carers assessment carried out?

The Care Act 2014, states that any assessments should be carried out:

  • Appropriately and proportionately to your needs and circumstances
  • Effectively to allow you to participate in the assessment

You can decide if you would like the assessment to be face to face or over the telephone.  

1. Face to face assessment - should be in a convenient and private place for you, this may be at your home or at one of our council offices.

2. Telephone assessment - should only take place if you are happy to do this. If you think you may have difficulty expressing your needs or you have communication difficulties, a telephone assessment may not be appropriate.

You will be provided with an independent advocate to assist you in your assessment if without support you would have ‘substantial difficulty’ in communicating your wishes, or understanding, retaining and assessing information during the assessment and there is no appropriate person who is able and willing to help you.

How to request a carers assessment

If you are currently caring or expect to become a carer in the future and feel you may have needs as result of providing this care you can contact Dudley Carers Hub.

If you or the person you care for has a named social worker or health care worker you can contact them to request a carers needs assessment.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

I've never had a carers assessment

If you have never had a carers assessment within the Dudley borough you will be offered a ‘carers first contact assessment’, which will give you the opportunity to discuss what support you are looking for; what care you are providing to the cared for person and the impact your caring role is having on your day to day life.

If you feel that your needs can be met through the provision of information and advice; referral to preventative services and/or carer support groups, you may not require a full carers needs assessment.

I've previously had a carers assessment

If you have previously had a carers assessment / or have had a carers first contact assessment, and you feel you may require ongoing support as your caring role is, or is likely to have an impact on your physical and mental health and/or your daily life, you are entitled to have a carers needs assessment known as a ‘My carers needs assessment’.

If you and the person you care for agree, a combined assessment of both your needs can be undertaken at the same time.

Can I have my 'carers needs assessment'?

If you care for a young person or are a young carer aged 14 – 18 years you will be entitled to have a 'carers needs assessment’, when it is of ‘significant’ benefit to identify what your needs for support maybe once you or the young person has turned 18.

If you share the caring responsibilities with another person, or more than one person (including a child under the age of 18 years), you are each entitled to have your own carers assessment.

Can a carer refuse a carers assessment?

Yes, you can refuse a carers’ assessment. If you decide you would like an assessment at a later time you can contact us and request an assessment.