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Drug and alcohol use among young people

More young people experience problems caused by too much drinking than through drugs. Most young people who experiment with drugs do not go on to use them on a permanent basis.

However, it is important that children and young people are aware of the risks of using drugs, alcohol and solvents and smoking.

It is important for parents and carers to discuss alcohol and drug use early. Avoiding talking about alcohol and drugs will not protect children. Most children will be aware of alcohol and drugs in some way before they leave primary school. At this stage children will be more responsive to being told about the risks of alcohol and drug use. Accurate information will not guarantee non-use but will increase the chance of young people making an informed choice.

Drug and alcohol misuse by parents

Drug and alcohol misuse by adults in a household can seriously affect the care and well being of children.

National and local contacts

Families Anonymous 020 7498 4680

National Alcohol Helpline 08009178282

National Drugs Helpline 0800 77 66 00

Atlantic Recovery Centre (service for adults 18+ years old) 01384 426120

The What? Centre (service for young people) 01384 379992

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