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Summer Wellbeing

The summer heat can affect us all. Some people are more at risk of harm from high temperatures and need to be more careful. These include older people, especially those over 75, people who live on their own, those with a pre-existing health condition, babies and young children, and people who spend a lot of time outside or in hot places. Here you will find information, advice, help and support on keeping safe and well in summer.

Stay cool and hydrated

Advice on drinking enough water and keeping your home cool

Stay sun safe

Advice on how to look after your skin during the summer months

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke

What are the signs of heat exhaustion and heatstroke and what can you do?

Swimming outdoors

If you choose to swim outdoors, always stay safe and never leave children unaccompanied

Fire safety

Advice for safe campfires and barbecues and reducing the risk of fires outside

Food safety

Helpful hints to stay safe and avoid illness if you have a barbecue this summer

Looking after yourself and others

How you and those you care for can keep fit and well and stay safe and secure at home

Top tips and resources

Round up of useful information and leaflets in several languages to download