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Report a safeguarding concern

Safeguarding is about protecting children, young people and adults at risk from abuse or neglect. Abuse is not normal and never ok. Being abused means a person is being deliberately hurt by someone else. If you are concerned about a child, young person or adult report it to Dudley Safeguarding.

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How much will I have to pay?

With few exceptions, Adult Social Care isn’t free. It is means tested, so, if you have income or capital, you may be asked to contribute or pay in full for services. Over 50% of those requiring care and support, in either a Residential or Nursing Home setting or in their own homes, will need to part or fully fund it themselves.

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Direct payments

If you have been assessed by adult social care as eligible for social care support and are receiving a personal budget, you can choose to take this as direct payments. This means that the council will give you the money to purchase your own care and support (this is not a 'benefit' and can only be used to buy the care and support services that you need).

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Personal budgets

A personal budget is an allocation of money that you use to pay for the care and support needs stated in your assessment and support plan. This is paid to you by us, depending upon your financial circumstances. To establish if you qualify for funding and a personal budget a financial assessment of your circumstances will need to take place.

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Benefits advice

There are a number of ways of getting benefits advice. There are some options at the link below including information on housing and council tax benefits, the Care and Disability Line and links to online support such as the Benefits Advisor.

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Welfare Rights Service

Welfare benefits information and support is available to people who have had a social care assessment and also those who have support from other agencies. At the link below you will find information for those who have had a social care assessment or not and the further steps they can take to find out more.

:: find out more about the welfare rights service

Safe and Settled

Safe and Settled are working in partnership with us to offer an alternative care advice and support service for people who are self funders (paying for their own social care), who do not meet our eligibility criteria for social care support, or who simply wish to make their care arrangements themselves.

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Choosing and paying for care

Anyone can get help from us to assess their social care needs and then plan their social care support. This can be support provided while living in your own home, or social care support provided from a residential or nursing home. Help is provided whether you qualify for funding from us, or not.

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