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The Social Care Assessment

To receive social care and support there is a two part assessment process.

  • Firstly there is a social care assessment of your care and support needs

  • This is followed by a financial assessment which helps us to decide if you need to contribute towards the cost of your social care

The social care assessment is where we will sit down with you to discuss how you want to live your life and what care and support could help improve your situation. The assessment puts you at the very centre of the process. It will focus upon what is going well for you, your strengths, as well as any difficulties you are facing. It will consider what you want to achieve and on the solutions that fit your needs and your life. It will help us to understand what kind of support you require and how best to arrange that support. The assessment will also help us to decide if you have support needs which are eligible for support or funding from us, or from other organisations we work with.

The assessment is free, can be carried out in your home and can be requested by anyone by contacting our Access to adult social care team. As part of the assessment process we will decide if you have eligible needs to receive care and support, using government guidelines called national eligibility threshold. If you do have eligible needs that we can meet we will then work with to produce an assessment and support plan.

The carer's assessment

If you are caring for someone you are entitled to a carers assessment under new legislation introduced with The Care Act 2014. Under this anyone caring for another person is entitled to ask us for a carers assessment which will assess a carers needs for care and support themselves. Help and support is also on offer for carers from Dudley Carers Network which offers a comprehensive signposting, information and advice service free of charge to carers.

What if I don't meet the eligibility criteria for adult social care

We will still be able to give you information, advice and signposting to universal services as well as prevention services provided by the council and other partner organisations.

Contact Details

Access to Adult Social Care

0300 555 0055

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