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If following a social care assessment you have eligible needs for care and support that we can meet, we will work with you to produce an assessment and support plan. This will detail exactly how care and support services will help you to achieve your goals and meet your needs. The plan can be written with the help of your family or friends, and we can help you with this.

The assessment and support plan may include non social care and support services such as universal services and prevention services. It may also include some things that are paid for from separate funds that you receive such disability benefits.

We will need to agree your assessment and support plan with you. We will then work out how much this is likely to cost and you may be allocated a personal budget.

Personal Budgets

A personal budget is an allocation of money that you use to pay for the care and support needs stated in your assessment and support plan. This is paid to you by us, depending upon your financial circumstances. To establish if you qualify for funding and a personal budget a financial assessment (link to funding criteria page) of your circumstances will need to take place. A personal budget can be paid to you as:

Direct Payments

You can take all of the budget as a direct payment - you can use this to employ someone to help you or to buy support from an agency or to pay directly for activities.

Managed Account

You can ask the Council or another third party to manage the budget for you and use it to pay for the support that you have chosen. This is known as a managed budget.

You can have a combination of both - you can take part of your budget as a direct payment and ask the Council or third party to manage the rest on your behalf.

Note that even if you choose a direct payment you don't have to sort everything out by yourself. Dudley Council provides funding to a small number of organisations who offer support and advice on finding and employing staff and on other aspects of direct payments.

We have procedures in place to support people who lack the capacity to make decisions about the help they need and the budget they may be entitled to - see determining mental capacity.

All support plans will need to include an assessment of any safeguarding issues.

A series of frequently asked questions on personal budgets are now available.

Welfare Rights Service

Our Welfare Benefits Officers provide information and support about welfare benefits and payment of contributions to people who have had a social care assessment.

More information

  • An organisation called In-Control has produced a number of guides in very plain language. Note that these are general factsheets so not everything will work the same way in Dudley - but they will give you a good idea of the whole process.
  • In Dudley, the Learning Disability Services has produced some easy read guides explaining all the terms we use and the way we work.
  • We have also produced a list of questions and answers about personal budgets and support planning.

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