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The Parenting Team organises and co-ordinates a range of parenting programmes, to offer support to families in the Dudley borough.

The parenting programmes provide a wide range of services for families, to address a variety of needs. A family may access advice or information, online support or those who require more guidance may attend intensive group support.  

Our vision is for every parent & carer, in the Dudley borough to access evidence based parenting advice and support at the level they need, setting up their child for success.

One of the main parenting programmes on offer is Triple P, which is a multi-level system.

Changes to the parenting service due to COVID-19

We’ve had to make some changes to our service, but we’re still here to offer support and advice to parents.

The main changes we’re making are:

  • All Triple P group/ group teen/ Stepping Stones parenting groups scheduled to begin after Easter are now cancelled.
  • Currently there is no direct contact with families. Direct work with families is now happening remotely through telephone, email, WhatsApp and Video conference.

The parenting team will continue supporting parents in the following ways:

Triple P online / TEEN Triple P online
  • Parents can complete Triple P online using their mobiles or laptops.

  • We can provide additional telephone support with modules or strategies if parents require.

Parents can access an online code at

Child with a disability – Stepping Stones
  • Parents can also access the Triple P online programme and we will be available to offer additional telephone support with the Stepping Stones resources.
Flexible communication delivery
  • We aim to be flexible in our approach and offer consultations via telephone, WhatsApp, email or video conferencing, whichever way a parent feels comfortable. This support is also available to practitioners and those who were facilitating Triple P groups.

For more information or support, please contact the parenting team:


The official Triple P website also has resources for parents and practitioners at

Life during lockdown – and beyond

Many people are feeling stressed and uncertain, not only about what’s happening right now but what the next few months will look like. There are practical steps you can take, and specific parenting tips and strategies to help you and your kids stay calm and optimistic.

Free, two hour workshops for parents and carers of children aged up to 16 years in Dudley

We know that Covid has been a very stressful time for everyone, especially parents, so we invite you to attend a free two hour workshop via Microsoft teams, Please email to book on and receive your invite for MS Teams.

Please find the workshop schedule below.

Under 12’s parent discussion groups

Developing good bedtime routines -SLEEP workshop

Workshop trainers / times / date:

  • Katie & Laura: 1-3pm, 3/11/20
  • Jodie & Julie: 1-3pm 11/11/20
  • Jill & Fozia: 10-12pm 26/11/20

Hassle free shopping with children

Workshop trainers / times / date:

  • Fozia & Jill: 12:30-2:30pm 11/11/20
  • Jody & Amy: 1-3pm 9/12/20

Dealing with disobedience

Workshop trainers / times / date:

  • Fozia & Jill: 12:30-2:20pm 16/12/20
  • Jodie & Ayesha: 10am-12pm 22/1/21

Managing fighting and aggression

Workshop trainers / times / date:

  • Deb & Liana: 10am-12pm 5/11/20
  • Katie & Kate: 10am-12pm 12/11/20
  • Ame & Grace: 10am-12pm 10/12/20
  • Jill & Fozia: 5:30-7:30pm 10/12/20
  • Deb & Liana: 6-8pm 19/1/21
Teen workshops

Building teenagers survival skills

Workshop trainers / times / date:

  • Sharon: 12:30-2:30pm 4/11/20
  • Wajid & Karan: 6-8pm 15/12/20
  • Emily & colleague: 3-5pm 25/11/20

Getting teenagers to cooperate

Workshop trainers / times / date:

  • Lloyd & Brin: 6-8pm 18/11/20
  • Mel: 12-2pm 16/12/20
  • Angela & Ram: 1-3pm 11/1/21
  • Jo & Helen: 11am-1pm 26/1/21

Coping with teenagers emotions

Workshop trainers / times / date:

  • Mel: 10am-12pm 11/11/20
  • Wajid & Karan: 6-8pm 17/11/20
  • Sharon: 10am-12pm 8/12/20
  • Lloyd & Brin: 10am-12pm 11/12/20
  • Emily & Paulette: 3-5pm 16/12/20

Reducing family conflict

Workshop trainers / times / date:

  • Angela & Gemma: 1-3pm 24/11/20
  • Mel & Nicola: 11am-1pm 4/12/20
A new module has been added to the online programme – parenting during COVID-19

A free parenting guide has been created by internationally recognised parenting experts Professor Matt Sanders, Dr Vanessa Cobham and Dr Claire Halsey from the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program®.

It provides tips and strategies to help parents understand how the current crisis may affect the way their children behave, their own emotions as parents and ways to apply Triple P strategies during current circumstances to develop emotional.

Tips include how to be a positive parent while managing financial stress, home-schooling, working from home, as well as helping your child cope with their feelings and stay emotionally resilient.

Read the blog “At home all day with your kids: A challenging task, but you don’t have to be perfect!”

Parenting During COVID-19 - the Triple P Parenting Guide – the expanded version of the Top 10 tips.

(The above resources are available in both Triple P Online 2-10 years and in TEEN Triple P Online for parents of 11-16 year olds).

What is Triple P parenting programme?  

Triple P is a parenting programme that does not tell you what to do or how to be a parent.  It is more like a toolbox of ideas, where you choose the strategies you need and the way you want to use them. It is all about making Triple P work for you.

Who should come to a parenting programme? 

Parenting programmes are here for all parents and those with caring responsibilities who are experiencing difficulties or concerns with parenting.  Some of these courses vary in intensity, and cover specific and broad areas of parenting.

What are the different parenting programmes that I can access in Dudley?

Universal Online Course 

Triple P Online (TPOL) is a self-directed parenting course that is accessed via a smartphone, tablet or computer with internet access via you will need a code to access the course.

Triple P Online helps parents with children aged 2–10 years. There is also TEEN Triple P Online 11-16 years.

The programme helps children to:

  • set their own goals,
  • become confident in their ability to manage parenting issues
  • become self-sufficient problem solvers

How can I access an online code?

Please register at to get your free online Triple P-code. To be eligible you must have at least one of the following:

  • Dudley postcode
  • Dudley school
  • Dudley GP


Seminars give a broad range of parenting tips around home, school and the community. These are usually delivered to large groups in schools and are either:

  • A series of 3 two-hour seminars that give a broad overview of positive parenting
  • A series for 2-11 years
  • A series for 11-16 years
  • Speak to your child’s school to see if any seminars are available.

Tip sheet consultations

If you are concerned with your child’s behaviour or emotional well-being, one of the team can talk you through our tip sheets, to help you understand and improve the behaviour.

These are one or two short consultations to address a specific behaviour problem or parenting difficulty.

Discussion Group / Teen Discussion Group

These are for any parents who are struggling or need support with a particular topic.  They are a series of two-hour one off workshops,that cover a specific topic. You can attend any or all of the sessions that interest you.

0 -11 years topics:

  • Fighting & aggression
  • Bedtime routines
  • Hassle-free shopping
  • Disobedience

11 – 16 years topics:

  • Reducing family conflict
  • Getting teenagers to cooperate
  • Coping with teenagers’ emotions
  • Building teenagers’ survival skills

Sessions accessible via referral only and reserved for parents with more intensive needs

Group / Group Teen

A broad-based parenting intervention delivered over eight weeks for parents of children up to 11-years and the Teen programme for parents of children 11 – 16 years.

  • The program involves five x 2-hour group sessions of up to 12
  • There are three x 15 to 30 minute individual (telephone) consultations to assist parents with independent problem solving while they are practising the skills at home.

Parents actively participate in a range of exercises to learn about:

  • The causes of child behaviour problems,
  • Setting specific goals,
  • Using strategies to promote child development,
  • Developing a positive relationship
  • Manage misbehaviour,
  • Plan for high-risk situations.
  • Final session review
  • Parents complete a behavioural and family assessment before and after the group sessions.

Stepping Stones programme

For parents of a child with a disability and not in mainstream school.

Stepping Stones is for parents with children with a range of disabilities, eg. Intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorders, cerebral palsy and extreme levels of disruptive behaviour.

  • The program involves six x 2 ½ hour group sessions
  • That educate and actively train skills,
  • Three x 15 to 30 minute individual telephone consultations to assist parents to refine the use of their parenting skills and to develop independent problem solving skills.
  • Parents complete a behavioural and family assessment before and after the group sessions.

How long do the groups last?

  • Group and Group Teen last 8 weeks
  • Stepping Stones group last 9/10 weeks

How do I get onto these programmes?

The above programmes are reserved for parents who are experiencing extreme difficulties. Referrals must be made for these programmes via the Early Help assessment or GP practices. 


For further information please contact us:

Parenting Team
Stourbridge Family Centre
Forge Road
DY8 1XF 


Telephone: 01384 816155