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Family Group Conferences

What is a Family Group Conference (FGC)

A family group conference is a way of giving families the opportunity to come together to make a plan to ensure the welfare and future well being of the Children and young people involved.

All families come up against problems from time to time. We believe children, Young people and families know themselves best.

You and your family have a unique history and understanding about each other and what will work for you. Therefore you are the best people to make choices about how you can address issues to improve future outcomes for your children.

A Family Group Conference can only go ahead with you and your family’s consent - It is your meeting.

It is a meeting for you and your family. The process is facilitated by someone called a coordinator. You will be able to make the choices about who needs to come to your conference, where it will be held and at what time.

The coordinator is independent of any decision making in regards to your children. They are purely their to help you get ready for your family group conference.

The coordinator is there to support you in making decisions about your family.

How can a Family Group Conference help me?

A Family Group Conference can help sort out.

• Where a young person will live
• How to keep them safe and healthy
• Problems with exclusions or attending school
• Help with the family to cope better and improve relationships.

It will also enable you to know what support is available to you and your family from professionals and you will be able to say what support you feel you need.

Who comes to the Family Group Conference?

The coordinator will visit you and explain fully what happens at a FGC and answer any questions or deal with any anxieties you may have about it. They will listen to you and share with you his or her understanding of what issues the FGC needs to look at and make a plan for.

The coordinator will want to meet your child or young person to explain the conference process. It is important for the child or young person to understand and take part in the conference in whatever way they feel comfortable with. All children and young people will be offered an advocate, who will help them prepare and support them at their FGC.

When the coordinator meets with you they will ask you to identify the family members you feel should attend the conference. They will then make arrangement to meet with them individually to tell them what to expect at the conference. If necessary mediation can be arranged (should there be any disputes within the family that need to be addressed beforehand, enabling the FGC to proceed) prior to the FGC.

You can also identify any friends you may feel would be helpful to you and your family in making a plan.

You decide who attends, the time and day of the conference as well as the place it will be held as long as it is a neutral venue. Conferences are not held in anyone’s home (the coordinator can help you with possible places to have the meeting).

The coordinator will send invites to all the people you have identified.


For more information contact the Family Group Conference Coordinator.


Telephone: 01384 815142

Family Group Conference Dudley Leaflet

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Family Group Conferences (FGC)

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