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e-billing is another way to receive your council tax bill. Instead of receiving paper bills you will be able to view your council tax bills online.

By registering for e-billing you are agreeing to have your council tax bill delivered electronically, until you tell us otherwise.

How to Register

  • Enter your details as requested. You will need your Council Tax Account Reference to hand.
  • You will be sent an email containing your password within 24 hours.
  • To complete your registration you must sign in for the first time. 

NB. If you do not receive your password email within 24 hours, please try signing up again. If you still have problems please contact your Internet Service Provider.


Here are some of the advantages:

  • Viewing your bills when and where you like
  • Cutting down on postage and mail through your letterbox
  • Always knowing where your bill is
  • It's environmentally friendly

Discounts and exemptions

  • 01 - Sole resident
  • 02 - All but one resident ignored ("disregarded") *
  • 04 - All residents ignored *
  • 05 - Sole resident ignored *
  • 06 - Property furnished but unoccupied

* For further details about persons ignored when calculating entitlement to discount please see Explanatory Notes download.

  • B - Property unoccupied for less than 6 months and owned by a charity
  • D - Left unoccupied by someone who is in prison/detention
  • E - Left unoccupied by someone who is in hospital/home
  • F - Left unoccupied by someone who has died
  • G - Property where occupation is prohibited by law
  • H - Property awaiting occupation by a minister of religion
  • I - Unoccupied property where someone is receiving care elsewhere, other than a hospital or home
  • J - Unoccupied property where someone is providing care elsewhere
  • K - Left empty by a student owner
  • L - Property has been repossessed
  • M - Student halls of residence
  • N - Property occupied only by students, their non-British spouses or certain school/college leavers
  • O - Armed forces barracks
  • P - Person liable is a member of a visiting force
  • Q - Unoccupied property where person liable is a bankrupt's trustee
  • R - Unoccupied caravan pitch or boat mooring
  • S - Property occupied only by persons under 18 years old
  • T - Unoccupied property which cannot be let separately from another domestic property because of planning controls
  • U - Property occupied only by severely mentally impaired persons who would otherwise be liable to pay council tax
  • V - Property occupied by diplomats who would otherwise be liable to pay council tax
  • W - Self contained annex/flat occupied by elderly/disabled relatives of those living in rest of the property

Terms and conditions

Dudley Council provides this e-Billing service in accordance to the following terms and conditions: -

  1. By signing up to the e-Billing service you agree to receive an electronic bill in place of your paper bill.
  2. You are responsible for keeping your password secret to prevent unauthorised viewing of your account. If you suspect this has been compromised you will need to change your password. You should also notify us by email eBilling if you suspect this.
  3. Information regarding any previous electronic bills is shown at the date the bill was produced and is subject to change. You should contact us by email eBilling if you have any queries.
  4. Although we take steps to ensure our website and links are virus-free, you are advised to ensure that you have adequate anti-virus protection on your computer.
  5. Access to the service may occasionally be unavailable due to maintenance. It can also be affected by your Internet Service Provider, your dial-up connection and your PC. If you experience connection difficulties you are advised to retry accessing the service.
  6. Unauthorised access to the e-Billing service (to specific account detail level) contravenes the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and may incur criminal penalties as well as damages. Please proceed only if you are an authorised user.

Login to eBilling

Forgotten Password

Frequently Asked Questions

What is eBilling?

E-Billing is the way offered by the council to receive your council tax bill. Instead of receiving a paper bill you will be able to access your account information online.

Who can register?

Anyone who pays council tax within the Dudley Borough.

How will I benefit from eBilling?

E-Billing provides a faster, more efficient and convenient way to receive and check your bills. Here are some of the advantages:

  • You can view your bill as soon as it is available, as often as you like, 24 hours day, 7 days a week.
  • Savings on postage and paper will help to minimise future collection costs.
  • It allows you to access the latest news about council tax and check your current balance online.
  • You will always know where your bill is.
  • It is environmentally friendly. 

How can I be sure that my information is secure?

We have taken a number of measures to ensure that viewing your e-Bills is secure and that your billing details are protected.

Firstly your online bill is protected by a username and password, which only you know. For your peace of mind, you can change your password online as often as you want.

Secondly, elements of the bill specific to you, such as user details, are encrypted. The yellow padlock SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a security protocol that ensures the information sent between a user’s PC and the organisation’s server cannot be obtained by a third party.

How will I know when my new bill is online?

You will be sent an email informing you that your e-Bill is available for viewing.

How will I view my e-Bill?

Simply click on the link provided and then log in using your email and password on the council’s secure website.

Can more than one named occupant view our e-Bill?

At present e-billing can only be set up for one email address per council tax account.

What if I have a query about my e-Bill?

What if my circumstances change?

To inform us of a change of name or email address, sign into eBilling and follow the 'Update My Details' link.