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It is our responsibility to manage trees on council owned land in the borough.

What we maintain

We only manage or maintain council owned trees. If a tree is on private land, it is the responsibility of the owner unless it is causing an issue to council owned land. We cover the following tree problems: 

  • Tree is a danger - root failure, crack in trunk, split branches
  • Hollow in the trunk
  • Dead tree
  • Cut down illegally
  • Burnt tree
  • Trunk damaged or vandalised
  • Other parts vandalised
  • Large mushroom-like fungus
  • Property damaged by roots
  • Dead/blackened leaves (Ash Dieback)

What we don't maintain

We do not manage or maintain if:

  • Leaf, seed or fruit fall. We undertake leaf clearance on the public highway and in our parks and open spaces on an annual basis
  • Honeydew or sap. This is a natural substance that does not damage cars
  • TV, phone lines or mobile phone signal. You should speak to your provider for help with your signal
  • Branches overhanging your garden. You can cut this back up to your boundary. Works should not damage the health of the tree in any way. You need to make sure there is not a Tree Preservation Order in place
  • Height. Tall trees are not in themselves a health and safety risk
  • Squirrels or animals entering property by trees. You should secure the entrance hole to prevent access
  • Birds nesting, roosting or fouling, or insects located in or around trees

Report a tree issue

If you believe there is a tree on council owned that is suffering from an issue we manage then please let us know.