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The mosaic of woodlands and individual trees in streets, parks and gardens across Dudley and the other Black Country boroughs is known as the Black Country Urban Forest.

Covering 36,000 hectares, work on developing the forest began in 1990, with the aim of using the trees and woodlands as an important means of improving the quality of life and image of the Black Country for everyone who lives and works in the area.

Tree safety inspections are regularly undertaken. Any trees or branches identified as posing a risk to people or property are managed in a programmed and appropriate manner, and with due regard to any nesting birds, roosting bats, etc.

This may involve the removal of some trees and branches of actual or potential wildlife value, but given the accessibility of our sites, protection of public safety and property have to be given due regard. However, where appropriate, any felled timber is left on site as a wildlife resource.

Dudley's Tree Strategy

The Tree Strategy has as its overall aim to protect and enhance the tree stock of Dudley Borough.