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School-aged children living in the Dudley borough have the right to receive an education. We are concerned about any child/young person living in the borough who may be missing education and are keen to know if you are aware of or suspect that a child is missing from education.

These children can be amongst the most vulnerable in the country, and it is essential that all services work together, to identify and re-engage these children back into appropriate education provision as quickly as possible.

There are many reasons why children are missing or appear to be missing education.  It could be because they have: 

  • moved to a new area and not been registered at a new school
  • failed to complete a transition to a new school (e.g. between primary and secondary)
  • ceased to attend school
  • been excluded from school
  • been unofficially removed from a school roll
  • never entered the system at statutory school age

If you are aware of a child who is not receiving education please inform us.

For further information please visit: GOV.UK