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Roads serving more than 5 dwellings

New Residential Roads will normally be adopted if they serve more than 5 dwellings and comply with the following basic requirements:

  1. The layout complies with the requirements of Design Bulletin, 32 Residential Road and Footpaths, 2nd Edition published by HMSO.

  2. A suitable means of Surface Water Drainage is provided.

  3. An approved system of Street Lighting is installed.

  4. Construction is carried out to the appropriate standard.

Highways serving 3-5 dwellings will be considered for adoption on an individual basis

Private Residential Roads in New Developments will only be permitted if in a cul-de-sac system, where there will be the continuing presence of a Management Body, (e.g. Housing Association) to organise future maintenance. We will need to be satisfied that adequate arrangements will be made for its on-going maintenance. These arrangements should include street cleansing, lighting, access for refuse collection and statutory undertakers, maintenance of the highway surfacing and public liability insurance.

Industrial Estates

Roads on Industrial Estate Roads will only be adopted at the request of the developer. We reserve the right to consider whether they wish to adopt for maintenance at public expense or not. Consideration will take account of the location, the type of industry and the provision of adequate off-street manoeuvring and parking facilities. The layout and construction standards are considered on an individual basis.