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Public Rights of Way - The Definitive Map

The Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way is the legal record of routes to which the public have access. If a way is shown on the map, then that is legal or conclusive evidence that the public had those rights along the way at the time the map was prepared. These Public Rights of Way remain in existence as recorded, until they are legally closed or diverted.

We have a statutory responsibility to maintain and update the Definitive Map on which all public rights of way are recorded.

Recording of a route on the Definitive Map is conclusive evidence in law of status, position and existence of the Public Right of Way.

There may however, be unrecorded public rights of way in existence whose legal status can only be determined by evidence. Non-inclusion therefore does not mean that a public right of way does not exist. There can be several reasons for this, not least the dedication of a way after the time of the last Definitive Map review.