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We are responsible for ensuring that various sections of the Highways Act 1980 are enforced. For example; making sure that the highway is not obstructed by overgrown hedges, shrubs or trees.

If a complaint is received we will generally contact the owner and request that action is taken to remove the obstruction within a statutory time limit. If no action is taken the Council has the authority to carry out the necessary work and recharge the costs to the offending owner. In general the Council's enforcement of the Highways Act covers any kind of illegal obstructions including stones placed on the verge advertising signs blocking verges and footways. There are several other sections of the Act which allow the Council to restrict certain activities within the public highway.

There is also legislation covering all works carried out within the highway by private individuals and the various public utility service providers i.e. the companies who supply your gas, water, telephone and electricity. This is called the 'New Roads and Street Works Act 1991' and ensures that all work is notified to the Council and is completed to a national specification for reinstatement of the highway. There are also sections which cover the co-ordination of the work with other works in the area wherever practical, and the length of time that the work should take, allowing for financial penalties to be imposed on the persons/company carrying out the work if the regulations are not adhered to.

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