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We manage one of the largest street lighting installations in the West Midlands. We are also responsible for all car park lighting and electrical street items within the Borough.

Report a problem

We manage the following street lighting:

  • Traffic lights
  • Zebra crossing and pelican signals
  • Lighting columns (street lamps)
  • Illuminated signs
  • Illuminated bollards
  • Belisha beacons

If you encounter a problem you can report it with our online reporting form.

Street lighting column relocation

A street lighting column can be re-positioned a maximum distance of 3 metres either side of the current location, subject to survey and approval. A new steel column will be installed with new lantern and lamp.
Please download and complete a Word or PDF version of our application form.
Once done, submit your completed application form and other relevant documents to us

How much will a column relocation cost?

An exact fee is unavailable due to the bespoke nature of the requirements. However information on a typical fee can be found in the Directory of Fees and Charges.

Please note that there will be a non refundable estimate charge, which will be deducted from total costs if the works go ahead.

How to pay for your column relocation

There are a variety of ways to pay for your survey/quotation fee.

Please note, no work will be undertaken until all relevant authorisations have been obtained and payment received in full.

An invoice will be sent after the completion of the work.

Requests for improvements to existing street lighting

Are all the street lights in the road working, but you would like the street lighting in your street to be improved? We will investigate and give you a reply within two weeks of your enquiry.

Street lighting policy

Dudley's Street Lighting Policy outlines the basic principles and standards applying to the provision of street lighting in the Borough.