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Essential Maintenance

Due to essential maintenance, our estore payment system will be unavailable at different times between 8am and 4pm on Sunday 14 April. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We operate a street cleaning programme across the borough.

The frequency of cleansing is dependant upon need.

High usage areas such as town centres are cleaned daily. Whereas residential areas are swept every 8 weeks.

We specifically target black spot areas for additional cleaning and is constantly reassessing the cleaning schedule to match resources against need.


Litter in a public place is unsightly. It is also dangerous to animals. Littering is an offence under The Environmental Protection Act 1990. The Act states that if a person drops, throws, deposits, or leaves anything that causes defacement in a public place they are committing a littering offence.

Fines can be issued by our Enforcement Officers, so always try to use a litter bin or take it home.

Report a problem

If you wish to report a cleanliness issue relating to a street, gully, car park, public convenience or other public area, please complete our Street cleansing report form.