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Household support fund

Applications for the household support fund are now paused. Please come back and check this website for when the scheme will re-open.

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Helping you and your family stay safe and well this summer.

The warmer summer months are the time for getting outdoors, enjoying the warm weather and relaxing in the sunshine. The summer heat can affect us all though and some people are more at risk of harm from high temperatures and need to be more careful. These include older people – especially those over 75, people who live on their own, people who have pre-existing health condition, babies and young children and people who spend a lot of time outside or in hot places.

Hopefully we will enjoy a sunny and warm summer this year. To keep everyone safe and well over summer we have some useful information, hints and tips to help us all stay happy and healthy. You can download a Summer Wellbeing booklet packed full of information below, or one of the posters listing seven top tips to keep well - for children, adults and festival goers. 

We also want to make sure that people know where to get help and support if they need it, so no one feels isolated or doesn’t know where to get help.

Keeping healthy and well over the summer months

Stay informed about the weather

The UK is prone to extreme weather, from heavy rain to heatwaves, keep up to date with weather and temperature updates on our severe weather page.

You can also find useful information here on looking out for signs of dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

You can also visit the Met Office (the national meteorological service for the UK) and check the weather forecast and help you plan ahead, being aware of when a heatwave has been forecast.