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Report a food safety or hygiene issue

If you have a complaint relating to a premises and/or food which has been bought in Dudley, you can make a complaint to the food safety team.

Which complaints should be reported

Example complaints which should be reported include, but are not limited to:

Common food complaints

We receive many complaints about foreign bodies in food products every year. While it may be unpleasant to find something wrong with your food, a number of items found are either normal parts of the food or harmless and can be dealt with by returning to the retailer. Others may have food safety implications and can be dealt with by an enforcement officer.

We strongly recommend that you look at our advice sheet on common food complaints before contacting us as this may provide you with the information that you are looking for.

Compensation and personal injury claims

We are unable to obtain compensation from a business, nor are we able to pursue claims for personal injuryIf you wish to seek compensation, please contact the business directly and/or seek your own legal advice.

Complaints about poor customer service and/or poor-quality food

Complaints about poor customer service and/or poor-quality food should be made directly to the business or the ordering platform including:

  • issues with refunds and payments
  • late, incorrect and/or missing takeaway deliveries

For advice about your consumer rights, please visit the Citizens Advice website.

How long does an investigation take?

The time taken to investigate a complaint will vary, ranging from a few days to many months. Cases that result in enforcement action, other than a letter or verbal advice, can take over a year to complete.

What are the likely outcomes of your complaint?

If we have sufficient evidence to prove that an offence has been committed, we may consider enforcement action. You will be told about the outcome of the investigation and the investigating officer will explain to you the reasons behind the final decision in your case.

How am I protected if I make a complaint?

Any complaint received will be dealt with sensitively. We will not give your details to the food business under investigation without your permission. If we do take action in court, you may need to appear as a witness and be questioned by the defendant or their legal representative. Sometimes a business may want to apologise to you, in these cases, with your consent, we will reveal your identity.

Tips for making a food complaint

  • Keep receipts and any packaging
  • Keep the food protected by putting it in an air-tight container
  • Keep perishable food under temperature control, either in the fridge or freezer
  • Make sure you have read the label for Best Before or Use By dates, and follow storage instructions until you hand the product over.

Make a complaint